These are my favorite 48 Laws of Power quotes that help to keep me going each day.  The book itself represents powerful life lessons.  One could take one law a week and put them into practice to create an interesting and amazing life. So these are my favorite quotes, but I encourage you to read the book and find your own.

48 Laws of Power Quotes

“Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define if for you”

This is in Law 25 which is dedicated to recreating yourself.  I believe that it is very important to re-create yourself and to re-define your narrative on a regular bases. Far too often we go through life allowing others to define who we are, when in fact we have the power to define or re-define ourselves.  This power has always lied within.  We just have to tap into it.

“Think As You Like But Behave Like Others”

Have you ever been around a person who doesn’t eat meat, when everyone else around them is eating meat?

Robert Greene says, “If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them. They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior. It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.”

I find this statement to be so true.  I recently started following the Keto protocol and trust me, people are unforgiving when they have sweets and they offer them to you and you don’t eat it.  (SMH).  Therefore, I try to always find a way to eat something (fruits or something) so that others don’t feel so bad because of my uniqueness.

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative way

The reason why I love this quote so much is because it is in alignment with my mission in life which is to EDUCATE to ELEVATE.  I am a firm believer that one must continuous learn new skills because it is the key to success.  Check out an article I wrote on (Why Continuous Learning is the Key to Success) by clicking here.

More 48 Laws of Power Quotes…

Never whine, never complain, never try to justify yourself

I don’t believe that anyone should ever try to justify themselves. Nor should you whine or complain.  It doesn’t change anything.  It just makes you look weak.  Say what you need to say and believe what you believe and make you bones about it.  You are you and don’t make any excuses for being who you are. Period!

The human tongue is a beast that few can master

Words matter.  We all need to watch what we say and how we say it. But for some people they just can’t help themselves as it relates to their mouths.  Speaking positively on a regular basis can absolutely change everything.  This is something that we all should practice.  Mastering the power of the tongue could truly change your life.

An emotional response to a situation is the single greatest barrier to power, a mistake that will cost you a lot more than any temporary satisfaction you might gain by expressing your feelings

Okay.  If I could just stay out of my feelings. Of all of the 48 Laws of Power Quotes, this one is by far the one that I struggle with the most.  I must learn how to stay out of my feelings when responding to situations because I always end up saying things that I regret. We’re working on being better about this and beginning to pause before responding. *sigh*

He who poses as a fool is not a fool

As it relates to this quote, I only have two words, Donald Trump. The man is not crazy. He’s actually pretty smart.  His biggest mistake has been running for President.  He should have stayed behind the scenes.  Too bad he won.  Now he’s being exposed.  If he would not have run, he could have kept all his secrets.  Oh well…but I still say, the man is not a fool.

Plan All The Way to The End

This is a great tip. Even in the Bible it says write the plan and make it plain so that others can pick up and run with it. Most of us if we are honest have half baked plans and therefore we get half baked results.  We don’t plan until the end. In this lesson Robert teaches that if we do this, then we don’t allow for any deviation. In other words, there will be no shiny object syndrome.

Who is Robert Greene?

Robert Greene is an author who is known for writing books about strategy, power and seduction.  He is just about 60 years old and is an internationally best selling author. He first published the book, 48 Laws of Power in 1998.  The book is based on the laws and practices of leaders through out history.  The book is a great read and should be on the bookshelves of anyone seeking to become a part of leadership.

Have you read the book?  If so, what are one of your favorite quotes?  Please drop a comment below.

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48 laws of power quotes

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