Toni is a force (for good) to be reckoned with.  She inspires her audience to dream bigger and not give up.  I love being in a room with Toni because when she is sharing her message with her people the energy in the room expands and lifts even the most cynical listener.

patty lennonPatty Lennon, Life Coach and Founder of Mom Gets A Life

I have been part of the Toni Coleman Brown Business Network for a number of years. I have become a very successful Executive Manager and Entrepreneur as a direct result of Toni’s coaching and training.. Toni pointed out ways that would increase my sales, earning and team retention in creative ways. She was always there to assist and answer any questions when I needed her to help with my business decisions. I would like to say she is a phenomenal coach, trainer, speaker, and author. Barbara Page, President of the National Council of Negro Women (NJ Chapter)

“A huge shout out to Toni Coleman Brown for all your guidance on WordPress. I am having the best time creating this….  Your training was so easy to follow that I had my WordPress blog up and running in 10 minutes.  I highly recommend following any webinar that she does.” Cheryl Ruggiero-Rubman

“Toni was a guest speaker for my virtual event, “The Feminine Energy Revolution”.  It was such an honor to have Toni in the line up of very powerful women doing wonderful work in the world.  She is truly a great speaker delivering her message with such excitement and positive energy. It was clear that Toni’s main focus was to deliver the most value, secrets and tips on the successful strategies that she has used and helped her clients use to grow businesses quickly!  Many women on the summit benefited from her generosity and leadership.  I highly recommend Toni for your event.

robin cordovaRobin Cordova,The Feminine Energy Revolution


“I have had the opportunity to sit in on Mrs. Toni Coleman Browns training and I would endorse her to anyone. She is a remarkable motivator and public speaker who has a unique ability to connect with everyone. Mrs. Brown has achieved great academic, and business success and thus she uses those life skills to relate, inspire, and motivate those who hear her speak.”

Kalin HallKalin Hall, Vice President of Sales, Zrii International

I told Toni Coleman Brown that she was my hero at the Harlem Small Business Summit 2. This was the third time I had heard her speak. I had first met her at a Meetup event entitled “How to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget Using Social Media.” Since the meeting was free of charge, I went. I had become jaded about social media experts after spending a lot of money attending seminars where I was no wiser than I was before.

I’m not a big fan social media. Yet I know I need it to reach potential customers. So I listened carefully to Ms. Coleman’s Brown’s presentation. I was doubtful because I had heard some of it before, but I went home and tried some of her suggestions. To say I was surprised when things worked is an understatement! In the past six weeks, my Facebook fans has increased from 176 to over 3,500 fans and growing.

Thus, I was excited to attend Ms. Coleman Brown’s “Small Business Boot Camp for Women.” At both meetings, I had heard a lot about getting the emails of your social media fans. So I placed a “join my mailing list” button on my website and Facebook page. A month ago, I had zero emails from my Facebook and Twitter fans. Three weeks later, I now have 75 emails and growing. And I am getting inquiries about my greeting cards.

Ms. Coleman Brown has said her mission is to empower women to grow their business. Well in my case, her mission was accomplished. Cheers! Jeanetmarie Smith of 

 Loved the webinar tonight, lots of terrific info. Setting up a blog is going to be much easier now. Thanks Toni, this is the best site on the internet ( for marketing and training information for women in business. Debbie Rogers

“I enjoyed the webinar tonight on How to Create a Blog. The training was very informative and I especially liked how you showed all the behind the scenes account information. Because of your webinar tonight, I will be joining as a member of the Network for Women in Business. I look forward to future webinars.” Yvonne Benjamin