Toni Coleman Brown’s Speaking Topics

How to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget Using Social Media

Building a brand for your business can be a pretty expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be if you take the non-traditional route and use social media to build your loyal following.  In this seminar attendees will learn:

  • How to build a loyal following of fans using the most popular social media sites and how to convert those fans into buying customers.
  • How to build your list organically and virally without spending a dime on advertising.
  • How social proof can improve your brand both online and offline.
  • How not to get distracting and stay on task.
  • How to measure your success in ways that make sense for your business.


It’s All About Attitude!

It’s been said before that your attitude determines your altitude.  Having a positive mental attitude changes everything.  In this seminar attendees will discover:

  • That the power to create the life you deserve is within and that thoughts are things and what you think about you bring about.  Therefore, if your thinking is stinking then that’s what will show up in your life.
  • What goes into the mind will come out in your life.  And that sometimes you have the change the things you watch on TV, the things and PEOPLE that you listen to.
  • Everyone needs an AMEN corner.  We all need to surround ourselves around people who believe in us and our ability to succeed.

When it comes down to attitude the simplest little change can have a major impact on your success.  In this seminar attendees will learn the top 7 changes that could be made RIGHT NOW that could shift the trajectory in their business, as well as in their lives.

The audience will leave on the edge of their seats, ready to come home to implement the things learned during this seminar which typically runs about 1 hour in running time.


How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting to the top of your network marketing company’s compensation plan.  And in the industry of network marketing documentation beats conversation.  At your next seminar or training conference, let your reps learn from a documented leader in the industry.   Toni is a documented leader in the network marketing industry.  Her book Quantum Leap:  How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business discusses her journey to the top.  In this workshop/seminar/keynote attendees will discover:

  • Exactly what it takes to get to the top of any company’s compensation plan.
  • The key revenue producing activities that reps should be involved in.
  • How to recruit in this new internet age.

And so much more!  Attendees will get on the road for developing the mindset for success and will leave equipped with the action steps needed to get to the top.  All network marketing and mlm talks are catered to the companies products and compensation plan.  Running Time 1 – 2 hours.

For a complete listing of speaking topics, please print out Toni’s Speaker’s Kit: Toni Speaker Kit_6