Attention Organo Gold Reps!

You are about to discover the #1 Must-Have Business Tool that you need to grow your coffee business right now!  I am excited to be able to share with you the tool that top money-earners all around the world are using to capture and convert high quality leads.  And that tool is…


LeadPage is the no.1 tool that is being used all around the world by the top money earners in the industry. But before I get into explaining to you why LeadPages is so important, let me just tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Toni Coleman Brown and I am a Quantum Leap Marketing Specialist, which simply means that I help people take their business to the next level with simple and affordable marketing strategies.  I am also an author of several books including, How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business and Network to Increase Your Net Worth. I have had a lot of success in the home-based business industry having gone to the top (3 Diamond National Vice President) of the now defunct network marketing company, Warm Spirit.

Now that word defunct brings me to an interesting story.  Before Warm Spirit closed its doors I left the company, but years before I left I made sure to constantly move the information from my organization out of the company’s back office and into my own email marketing system, which at the time was and still is Constant Contact.  I always believed that my organization was my biggest asset, which is why I felt most comfortable having that information housed in my own personal system versus in the company’s back office.  Plus when I downloaded the data, I could manipulate it the way I wanted to. Something just told me that this was the right thing to do.

Therefore, when the company closed its doors without warning, do you know how many people lost everything in their back office?  A lot!  All of their customer and prospect data and all of their team data was gone – BAM! Just like that. This taught everyone an important lesson, which was to keep a separate email marketing system.

So you need to have your own personal email marketing system.  I recommend either Aweber or Constant Contact. I use both and they both integrate seamlessly with LeadPages.

LeadPages will allow you to create CUSTOMIZED lead capture pages for your Organo Gold business that have a high conversion rate. This simply means that when your leads land on your pages they will leave their information.  This will allow you to have an opportunity to convert them into a customer or a new rep for your team.

So click here to join LeadPages today and when you do, I will give you access to my special training which will show you exactly how to get set up using this amazing tool and how to create amazing looking Organo Gold landing pages like this one click here to view.  Plus I will give you my special formula for generating traffic to these pages, and my no. 1 strategy for growing a network marketing business in today’s market place.

So join LeadPages and afterwards send me an email at with a subject line that says: I’ve joined LeadPages!  And I will give you access my special bonuses.

If this is your year and you have made a promise to yourself that this will be the year of POSITIVE RESULTS and AMAZING GROWTH in your Organo Gold business!  Then start using this tool today.  You won’t regret that you did.