If you love saving money with coupons and receiving cash back, then this Ibotta App review is for you.  I had a great time learning about this app and how to use it.  I definitely believe that once you read this review, you will be a fan of the app as well.  So read on as I dive into the good, the bad and the ugly.  (Although there is not too much ugly here)

What is the Ibotta App?

The Ibotta App is another cash back app.  But what makes this one different and special is that you can use this app with your coupons.  This means that you can earn even more savings.  When you first download the app, which you can do from your mobile phone app store, you immediately get a $10 sign up bonus, which is pretty cool.  The second thing that happens is that you get the opportunity to choose your favorite stores. Once you choose your favorite stores you will begin to see the offers available.

When you take advantage of an offer, you will have to submit a Proof of Purchase.  This usually involves snapping a picture of your receipt and submitting it via the app.

Ibotta Referral Code

Your Ibotta Referral Code

When you sign up for an Ibotta account, you automatically receive a referral code.  You can use it to refer others.  You can earn $5 for each referral.  My referral code is


Other Apps Similar to Ibotta

There are many other cash back apps that are similar to Ibotta.  The one that is most similar is Checkout 51, which operates almost exactly like Ibotta.  Then there is is BerryCart which targeted toward the more health conscious shopper.  ShopKick is another app that is similar to Ibotta, but with this one you can earn cash back for doing other things like watching videos and shopping online.  Therefore if you’re tired of submitting receipts, this one might be a great option.

Then there is the Dosh app, which is good and easy to use because it’s tied to your credit cards.  Your cash back rewards are more automatic because of the fact that it’s linked to the cards that you use.  But it’s also more dangerous if you’re concerned about hackers.

If you love to comparison shop, then the app for you is ShopSavvy.  It is the perfect app to compare prices of items across a variety of stores.

Ibotta App Issues

The Ibotta App is niche specific and right now the savings is primarily related to grocery savings. It’s not the only product, but food is the primary niche product. But then again, we all have to eat, which is why this app makes perfect sense.

Also, the Ibotta App currently only accepts in-store printed receipts from their accepted stores.  You can get a complete listing of stores by clicking here.  The app doesn’t accept e-receipts from online shopping.  However, if you shop on your mobile phone, you can use the app. You can also find a complete listing of mobile retailers by clicking here.

Some Pretty Cool Ibotta Tips & Tricks

ibotta app

As with any of these reward programs there are always tips and tricks to maximize your savings with them.  Here I will explore a few ways to increase your Ibotta savings.

First, you should link your store loyalty cards to your account. You can learn how to do this by clicking here. This is actually not a hack, but a fact.  You must link your loyalty cards in order to receive rewards, so don’t miss this important step.

Second, always buy the cheapest and smallest item when the offer refers to any size or any variety.  Doing this will allow you to get the most profit.

Third, stay on the look out for bonuses rebates and recurring savings.

Fourth, shop at discount retailers like the Dollar Tree because when you use the app at stores like this one, you can end up getting some items basically 100% free.

Fifth, stack rebates together and combine them with coupons for even more savings.

Sixth, shop mobile, especially if you have a problem saving your receipts. If you combine your Groupon deals with Ibotta, you will not only get the Groupon savings, but you will also receive the recurring 40% rebate that is available on Ibotta.

Travel Deals on Ibotta

I did say that it’s not just groceries right?  Okay, it is mostly groceries…but Ibotta does offer some deals on hotel stays.  And with the 40% recurring Groupon rebate,  you can book your travel on Groupon and get 40% cash back on Ibotta. (Now that’s a hack!)

Here are some other travel deals that you can find on Ibotta:

Extended Stay America – 9% cash back
HotelStorm – 15% cash back
Hotels.com – 6% cash back
Choice Hotels – 7% cash back
HotelTonight – 3% cash back
Travelocity – 2.5% cash back
Hotwire.com – 4% cash back

You can really win big with the 6% cash back on Hotels.com because there are so many brands that fall under that umbrella. Just remember that you need to use your mobile app to book, which basically means you need to navigate from the Ibotta app to these website to earn your rewards).

Now for airfare, you can use these sites and get cash back on Ibotta when you use CheapOAir and Bookings.com.

But when it comes down to discount travel, the only other app that competes with Ibotta is Ebates.  It has the most travel industry partners such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Marriott, Park ‘N Fly and Virgin America.

Click here to read my full article on Ibotta Travel Deals vs Ebates Travel Deals

Final Thoughts

Overall, Ibotta is a great app. It does exactly what it says. You can use it and save money and this is great. It’s absolutely not the only player in town. And it definitely doesn’t compare to the big giants like Ebates. But it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Have you tried the Ibotta app? What did you think of it? Please write your comments below. And thanks for taking time out to read this review. I hope that it was helpful to you.

Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

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