At its core, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a stripped-down version of a product or service that contains just enough features to attract early adopters and collect valuable user feedback. The primary goal of an MVP is not to deliver the complete, polished product but to validate assumptions, learn from real users, and make changes based on user feedback. This approach allows businesses to save time, money, and resources by focusing on what truly matters to their target audience.

An example of an MVP would be an account who provides a valuable service, who would create a mini course or workshop all about Quickbooks for small business owners.  Or a make-up artist who would create a masterclass all about make-up techniques for everyday looks.  The ultimate idea is to make the MVP a digital product that you can sell independently from your service so that you can earn income from your knowledge vs trading dollars for hours.  (e.g. make money while you sleep).

The Advantages of Building an MVP

One of the most significant advantages of building an MVP is the ability to validate your ideas quickly. Instead of spending months or years perfecting a product, you can get a functional version out to the market swiftly. This early exposure to real users provides invaluable feedback that helps you refine and improve your product based on actual needs and preferences.

An MVP offers a strategic approach to product development that empowers businesses to validate their ideas by focusing on the core value proposition and gathering user feedback, entrepreneurs can reduce risks, minimize costs, and increase their chances of building a successful and market-ready product. All experts in their industry should embrace the power of an MVP, and let it become your launch pad for entrepreneurial success.

Launch Faster and Better

Launching an MVP allows you to get your product in front of potential customers much faster. This early market entry gives you a competitive edge and the opportunity to pivot based on feedback while staying ahead of your competitors.

By developing only the core features needed for the MVP, you save resources and minimize risks associated with building a full-scale product that might not resonate with the market. This approach enables you to test the waters before diving deep, avoiding costly mistakes and potential product failures.

The Knowledge Into Profits Course and Coaching Program

In the Knowledge Into Profits Course and Coaching program, participants will be creating a Minimum Viable Product and will cover everything from a creating an e-book, challenge, masterclass, webinar, workshop, and course.

The sole purpose is create these products digitally and get them to market quickly. So that you can begin to earn income as soon as possible.

The course will consist of video trainings, guides and coaching.  You will learn my unique education based marketing technique that I call the “Educate 2 Elevate” method.  This method allows you to become a trusted teacher in your industry and will allow you to increase your visibility fast.  Sign up now to be one of the first to be notified when the doors of the program open and have your first MVP created in the within the next 90 days.

Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, motivational speaker, social media strategist and professional networker. She is also the Founder of the popular, Network for Women in Business, which is an online community designed to train, connect and advance women in business.

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