I was just wondering if anyone else is feeling lost without Jane the Virgin TV show?  I can’t believe that I allowed myself to get so addicted to the show on Netflix.  Leave it to a virus like COVID to pin me down and allow me to watch all 5 seasons of the show back to back.

For Those Who Don’t Know Jane the Virgin is a TV Show

I actually didn’t know that this TV ever existed.  I am a sucker for a love story and I hate scary movies and vampire shows.  Therefore when it comes down to finding something on Netflix, if it’s funny and is about love; then it’s a YES for me.

I don’t know how I found the show, but once I watched the first episode I was addicted.  Plus I loved the fact that it included lots of Spanish, which is a language that I would love to learn.  Nevertheless, I feel in love with Jane and Rafael right from the start.  I wanted the to win from the beginning.  But I must admit that by the time I got to Season 4 or the beginning of Season 5, I was disgusted with Jane.

I wanted Jane to make up her mind already and choose.  The long drawn out conclusion was too much for me.  But I stayed until the end.

I Really Wanted Petra’s Girlfriend to Be Rafael’s Biological Sister

The biggest twist in the series was Petra being into women and having another sister.  It would be nice for the series to come back and totally be focused on Petra who was a truly complex character.  For someone who was a murder, they totally brushed over the sinister aspect of being Petra and still made her look like a stellar character.

When Petra’s girlfriend (also named Jane) appeared on the show, I desperately wanted her to be Rafael’s sister.  I had it all played out in my head. Especially when Petra went to visit J.R. and her mom was humming a song that Petra found familiar, I so wanted it to be connected to Rafael.  I thought it was such a missed opportunity to add another twist to an already complicated tale.

I Could Have Gone Without All of the Singing on Jane the Virgin…

While I understand the role of all that singing and carrying on, I sure could have gone without it.  But I guess that made it so much in the likeness of a “Tela Novella”.  I must admit that I actually fast forwarded through those parts.  It’s one thing to have some of it invoked throughout, but sometimes they went a little too far.

Why Jane the Virgin Was an Important TV Series for the Latin Community

While I am not Latin (even though many people swear I am Dominican), I can understand how proud most Latino’s must have been to have such a show on the TV screen.  It was a positive depiction of how family-oriented and religious the Latin community can be.  I was proud watching the show and see Jane and her struggle with right and wrong.  I was also happy to see her win in the end.

It’s important for all people of color to see positive images of themselves.  I felt proud to be a woman of color watching Jane achieve her goals and stay true to her values. Watching it also motivated me to want to pick up my own novel, which was also my thesis in grad school.

What About My Happy Ending

Everyone wants to have a happy ending and I am glad that Jane received hers. And while I know that her show is fiction it couldn’t help but make me wonder about my own happy ending.  During this COVID-19 sabbatical I would presume that a lot of people are wondering about how things will end for them.  And while I was happy that I completed all 5 Seasons of Jane the Virgin and cried during the last episode…I couldn’t help but wonder if I was really crying about the show or was I crying for me.

I probably wanted the show to go on because I needed the fantasy and the fictional aspect of it all because let’s face it, right now I feel like I am in a movie.  And I am struggling to figure out the what’s next.  While I have an idea of what I want to do next, there is so much uncertainty.  But I am determined to set some goals, stick to them and do something that I haven’t done in a long time, which is finish the projects that I have started.  Wish me luck.

How did you feel after watching the last episode of Jane the Virgin?  Leave a comment below and let me know.

Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, motivational speaker, social media strategist and professional networker. She is also the Founder of the popular, Network for Women in Business, which is an online community designed to train, connect and advance women in business.

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