Doing What You Love…

Are You Putting Up With Life Or Living It?: Confused? Don’t know what you want to do? Struggling to find real success?  Are you one of those people who are walking through life like a zombie?  Doing the same thing over and over again.  Going to a job everyday that you hate.  Living with a spouse that you can’t stand.  Dealing with ungrateful children that you just can’t satisfy. Putting up with life instead of living life. Are you one of those people? I sure hope not.  Life is limited by time. There is a beginning and an end. It […]

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Success Tip| Read Books by Those Who Have Been Successful

Reading books authored by others who have had success in your industry and taking action on the acquired knowledge is one sure fire way to become successful.  Knowledge is something that can be transferred from one person to another, but an experience cannot.  It doesn’t matter how much you tell a person about an experience, the individual will only be able to imagine what that experience was like.  There are certain things that you should experience for yourself and SUCCESS is one of them. You Can Live Vicariously Off the Success of Others You can live vicariously off of the […]

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