When it comes down to the argument of what should come first the audience or the product, I believe that one should build an audience first. Period.

by Toni Coleman Brown | January 13, 2024

Build An Audience First

When it comes down to the argument of what should come first the audience or the product, I believe that one should build an audience first. Period. Even most of these folks out here who teach people how to build courses include audience or list building as a part of the curriculum.

In this article, I explore the strategic advantages of this mindset and why cultivating a loyal following always paves the way for a more successful product launches.

Validate People What Your Product By Reaching Out to Your Audience

Building an audience before creating a product serves as a form of market validation. By gauging interest and engagement levels within the community, creators can assess the viability of their product idea. This approach minimizes the risk of developing a product that lacks demand or fails to resonate with the intended audience.

I see far too many individuals jump the gun and move forward creating products before they even know or even have an idea if anyone will want it.  And they have the product and then don't have a marketing plan or budget to promote it.

It's insane! 

If the audience had been built first then there would have been trust between the creator and the audience.  When people feel a connection with a creator and trust their expertise, they are more likely to engage with the products or services offered. 

By consistently providing valuable content and building a genuine relationship with the audience, creators lay the groundwork for a receptive and supportive community.

When you build an audience one thing that happens is that you begin to establish a deeper connection with your potential new customer.  By focusing on building a community around a shared interest, passion, or problem, creators like you can gather valuable insights into the needs, preferences, and pain points of your audience. This type of knowledge is the foundation for crafting a digital product that resonates with and addresses the specific needs of your community.

Don't Start From Scratch

When you launch a course or a product, don't start from scratch.  Launching a product to an existing audience provides a significant advantage over starting from scratch. A built-in audience creates a ready-made customer base, increasing the chances of a successful product launch. 

You can also get your engaged community to serve as brand ambassadors, helping to spread the word and drive initial sales.

The best thing you can do before your launch your product is build a list.

Building a list is your first steps to success and the best way to do this is by producing valuable content and offering free content behind a gate.

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What To Do Once You Have Built An Audience

Once you begin to add people to your list, you next job is to start working on converting the audience.  You have to start by warming them up.

You can start with an email welcome series. This should happen immediately after someone subscribes, send a welcome email series. This series can include an introduction to your brand, and any incentives or exclusive content (guides, checklist, etc.) promised during the sign-up.

Then you should regularly send valuable content to your subscribers. This could include blog posts, newsletters, industry insights, or exclusive offers. Ensure that your content aligns with the interests and preferences of your audience to keep them engaged.

You can also put them into a Facebook group.  This group could serve as a place where you can ask for feedback from your audience. This not only shows that you value their opinions but also provides valuable insights for improvement.

You can also take polls and surveys with your audience. You can then use those surveys or polls to gather information about your subscribers' preferences and expectations. This data can guide your content creation and product development strategies.

While the debate over whether to focus on the product or the audience first continues, the advantages of building an audience before creating a digital product are evident and clear.

By understanding the audience, building trust, and iterating based on real-time feedback, creators set the stage for a successful product launch and long-term business success.

Always remember that people like to do business that they know, like and trust, therefore building the audience first is the only way to go.

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