Why I Am a Daegan Smith Super Fan!


I Love Me Some Daegan Smith!

Daegan was actually the one of the first individuals who taught me how to generate leads online. I can remember so clearly the day that I purchased his ebook Net MLM Profits. It changed my life. You see I had learned the fundamentals of attraction marketing and the idea of a funded proposal from Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. But the difference between Mike’s book and Daegan’s book was the fact that Mike “told” you what to do. His ebook was all WORDS. But Daegan’s ebook “showed” you want to do. Daegan’s ebook was filled with pictures and how to’s. I loved it.

I quickly took the information included in that ebook and put it to use.  I got to work and I immediately began to generate leads for my network marketing business.  The amount of leads that I generated became an abundance of riches.  I couldn’t even handle them all.  So I started farming them out to the top leaders on my team.  And as a result of me helping them and us all working together as a team, in 2005 I quantum leaped to the top of my company’s compensation plan. That company was called Warm Spirit. I became a 3 Diamond National Vice President. I was on fire!

After that in 2006, I penned my story of how I quantum leaped to the top in my book, Quantum Leap: How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business. I also went on to create my own funded proposal, affiliate programs and more! I’ve been on a roll ever since. I discovered my passion for training and coaching and launched the Network for Women in Business.

Recently, I ran across a student of mine in Daegan’s Facebook group and she said, “Toni Coleman Brown…you inspired me to create my own product and…” I couldn’t believe that someone in Daegan’s group was giving me props.  I told her about my upcoming Small Business Boot Camp and she responded, “I am so there!”  How cool is that!

But the here is the real reason why I care and believe in Daegan so much…it is because he has integrity and he has the same core values that I have. He believes in helping people.  Daegan knows that if he helps a lot of people get what they want, that eventually he will get what he wants. He understands that it’s not about him.

So here’s what he’s doing right now.  Daegan is sharing his story in a 5 part series of emails. He’s telling every one on his list all the things he’s done wrong and eventually he will get around to sharing all the things that he’s done right.  I’ve re-posted his stories here. But once you read them you will see why I decided to join Zrii International. You see, I know the value of getting great training. And internet marketing training can help ANYONE, whether you have a home-based business or a traditional brick and mortar business with a website.

If you have a website, you need to monetize it.  Plus you need traffic.  Affiliate programs like My Lead System Pro allows you to earn and learn at the same time. But this is how I feel…anywhere you can get access to training from Daegan Smith at a low price, then that’s the place to be.  And if he supports a company or a product then, It’s worth it.  I am a true super fan.  I am humbled by what I’ve learned from Daegan over the years and believe it or not, some of the things that I’ve heard him say on webinars years ago, are just beginning to click for me.  But one time I posted something on Daegan’s page and he called me. (Yes, he took the time to reach out to me) He told me one thing that I’ll never forget…he said “Whatever you do…don’t stop.” And that one simple statement has made all the difference in my career.   Because what I’ve learned about his experience and the experience of so many others is that, you have to try and try again. You must fail forward, but if you don’t stop eventually you will reach the golden gates of success, but you will never get there if you quit.

So like Daegan often says…To the Top!





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