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Why Continuous Learning is the Key to Success

Continous Learning Is The Key to Success

Continuous learning is the key to success because the only way to get to the next level in life is by learning something new.  But the problem with most people today is that they don’t know what they don’t know.  They’re in a state of what I like to call unconscious incompetence.  They’re not even aware that they lack the knowledge they need to succeed.

But successful people get it.  They understand that continuous learning is the key to success.  Inf fact, most successful people have paid good money to help them to get good at things that they were not good at.  And that is the primary difference between those who are successful and those who are not.

I am really blown away by the success of some people.  I’m sure that just like me, you have watched some average people go to above average in a seemingly short period of time.  And it didn’t happen because they were good at what they did, but it was because they paid people good money to help them with the things that they were not good at.  These people weren’t unconsciously incompetent.  They were consciously incompetent. (They knew what they didn’t know).

Achieving success is not easy.  As a matter of fact, it’s hard.  It’s damn hard.  And it requires learning new things.  For example, I am a self taught marketer and at one of my training sessions a participant noticed that I really knew what I was doing and he complimented me on it.  He said that he had attended events in the past where some people didn’t event know that SEO stood for Search Engine Optimization. Nevertheless, it was because of my continuous learning that I was able to impress him and keep him engaged.  It is also the number one reason why my business is successful today.

Why I believe in continuous learning is the key to success

I know that knowledge is power.  But applied knowledge is super power, which is the reason why I will never stop learning.  Not only will I not stop learning, but I also will never stop applying the things that I have learned.  I am excited about the future because I know that if I keep learning and improving that I will continue to grow.  I read a statistic the other day, which stated that most people stop learning by the time they turn 25.  What a tragedy!  I am committed to growing old with continuous learning as a part of my life plan because most problems in life can be cured with additional knowledge and training.  A good friend once told me that and I past experienced has proved it to be true.

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