Toni’s Brands


The Network for Women in Business was founded in January 2012 by Toni Coleman Brown with the primary goal of helping to train, connect and advance women in business.  The Network is growing by leaps and bounds and boasts over 2,000 members and a healthy social following of over 14,000 fans.  For more info visit


The Diva Millionaire’s Club is an exclusive private coaching community for Platinum Members of the Network for Women in Business.  This is a community that allows you to participate in special groups, receive private group coaching and connect with other like minded individuals and women business owners.  For more info visit

quantum leap

Quantum Leap Productions LLC is Toni’s coaching and publishing arm of her brand.  “Going to Another Level” is the theme of Quantum Leap Coaching because when you work with Toni, you’re sure to reach new heights in business and in life.  Also, all of Toni’s books are produced and self-published under the publishing arm of Quantum Leap Productions LLC.

Small Business Boot Camp-1

The Small Business Boot Camp for Women is an annual event hosted by Toni Coleman Brown.  This event is largely devoted to business growth and development and is designed for the budget conscious entrepreneur.  The event is held in NY and it gives those who like the training style and knowledge that Toni delivers the opportunity to spend a full day learning with her.  In these sessions attendees receive hands-on style training and Toni gives it to you straight.  For more information on the next Small Business Boot Camp for Women visit


Go Get It 2013 are networking events sponsored by the Network for Women in Business and hosted and facilitated by Toni Coleman Brown.  These events cover a wide range of business topics and feature special guest speakers.  They take place in New York City and provide a fantastic opportunity for others to network with some of the Tri-State Area’s most elite business owners.

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