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This week started with a bang! I had the opportunity to participate in one of the most amazing Joint Venture’s ever!  My business partner, Christine Marmoy who is also an expert Speaker and Trainer with the Network for Women in Business created a collaboration called “Success In High Heels.”  She recruited 30 women from all over the world to write a chapter in this book.

The 30 Chapters/Lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1 – How to Dress for Authentic Success by Sue Donnelly @SuedonnellyInt

Lesson 2 – Passion, Power, Purpose: Transforming Your Hobby into a way of Life by Bunny Star

Lesson 3 – Taking the “T” Out of Can’t by Kelly Falardeau @KellyFalardeau

Lesson 4 – Your Business Depends on Your Health: The 8 P’s of creating a solid wellness Foundation by Anna D. Garrett, PharmD, BCPS, CIC®, CVS-FR @DrAnnaGarrett

Lesson 5 – Kick Your Fear of Aging by Angelika Christie @Radianthealth

Lesson 6 – Reveal Your Brand with Beauty by Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo

Lesson 7 – The Power Beneath Me, by Noni Boon @NoniBoon

Lesson 8 – Impact Your Business by Discovering the Wisdom of Your Sensual Goddess by Lillian Ogbogoh @LillianOgbogoh @GoddessTheories

Lesson 9 – Your Lighthouse and Your Anchor by Angela Raspass

Lesson 10 – Find Time for Success, by Lisa Rehurek @MissSimplicity

Lesson 11 – A Call to Lead the Way by Shawn Driscoll @ShawnMDriscoll

Lesson 12 – Do I Dare More? By Aime Hutton @AwakeningGoddes

Lesson 13 – Getting Out of Your Own Way by Jasmin Christensen @greeneyedgoddes

Lesson 14 – 30 Days to Facebook Mastery by Toni Coleman Brown @TheNetwork4 @ToniBrown

Lesson 15 – Living Life UnFulfilled, by Monique Alamedine @MoniqueAlam

Lesson 16 – Home is Where the Heart Is.. By Kim Boudreau Smith @KimBSmithInc

Lesson 17 – Strut Your Way to Success with a Thought-Leader Brand by Catrice M. Jackson @BossLadyBrands @Catriceology

Lesson 18 – Transitions: A personal path through change, by Nancy Meadows @NancyMeadows

Lesson 19 – Feminine Pricing Power: How to confidently step into leadership for your clients, your colleagues, and your industry by earning your worth by Miki Strong

Lesson 20 – Win-Win-Win Collaborations, by Patty Farmer @PattyFarmer @BizLinkGlobal @NetworkingCEO

Lesson 21 – Change the World…One Audience at a Time, by Ava Diamond @Feistywoman

Lesson 22 – Good Copywriting in Your Business: Why it matters and how to create it yourself, by Lisa Rothstein @LisaRothstein @DavinciDiva

Lesson 23 – Wild Success through Mastermind Brilliance, by Margo DeGange @MargoDeGange @WomenofSplendor

Lesson 24 – There is No Success Without Love, by Kathleen Hanagan @KathleenHanagan

Lesson 25 – Building Your Business from the Circle of One, by Kuumba Nia @Kuumbania10

Lesson 26 – A Whole New World- Learn Why You Need Twitter, by Ana Lucia Novak

Lesson 27 – A Woman of Influence-How to rise to success with social media and video marketing by Kat Mikic

Lesson 28 – Tearing Down the Walls – The Road to Innovation, by Katrin Faensen @KatrinFaensen

Lesson 29 – Attract Success in Business and Life, by Terry Wildermann, CEC, CPCC
@TerryWildemann @CoffeeWithTerry @CalloftheRose

Lesson 30 – there are No Borders to a Woman’s Power, by Christine Marmoy @CoachandSuccess @WomensEdgeMag

This was one of the most well organized projects that I have ever experienced.  And the end product (the book) is amazing.  Today, I am offering you the opportunity to pick up a FREE copy by being one of the first 5 people to take advantage of my 24 Hour Spring Sale!  I’ve put EVERYTHING on SALE.  This is by far one of the most amazing offers that I’ve ever seen.  The offer ends tonight Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 12 midnight PST, so take advantage of it before it ends.

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