Preparing for a New Year

As the end of the year approaches most individuals begin to think about goals and plans for the New Year.  But before you begin to rush into planning for a New Year, it’s always a good thing to take some time out to review the accomplishments from the current year.  Try not to focus on what you haven’t achieved and make sure you spend some time focusing on what you have achieved.  Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a round of applause for all that you have done.  If you don’t celebrate you, who will?

Decide What You Want

Deciding what you want to do in the New Year is the key to making BIG things happen.  Most people struggle because they lack clear goals and purpose.  I have often said that there is nothing more powerful than a mind that is made up.  A convinced mind with laser-like focus can ignite a fire.  Lighting a fire underneath yourself is a good thing.  It’s like starting your engine.  If you decide what it is that you want and set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Sensitive) goals, you will stand a better chance of achieving them in the New Year.

Design Your Own M.A.P.

Your M.A.P. represents your very own Massive Action Plan.  Creating a solid plan of action will certainly assist you in having a successful New Year.  Breaking your goals down into bite size pieces can help you to achieve them in a more manageable fashion.  When you lay them out into smaller tasks, they become easier for you to act on them.  They become your yellow brick road to your Land of Oz.  Stay on the path until you reach your final destination.  Don’t breakdown before you breakthrough.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint.  The race is won not by the swift, but by the one who endures it til the end.  So keep going.   Make sure that you sign up for my 5-day Boot Camp to help you get clear and focused on what it is that you want to do.

PS: Believe in yourself and you will make it.





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