Kim Kardashian Showing Her Ass Again!

Kim Kardashian West ChampagneKim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West is at it again.  I guess people just can’t get enough of seeing her big butt.  I guess she can’t get enough of it either because she is constantly putting it on display for all to see.  Amazing.  I’m not mad at this chick either because she seems to be capitalizing on her assets.  She is the buzz of pop culture.  People seem to either love her or hate her.  Me personally, I am fascinated by this new SELFIE and REALITY culture.  The internet has certainly changed things.  I’m over here doing what they call in texting land…SMH.   I can remember when people used to say things like “Her butt is so big you could put a tray on it.”  And this was something negative.  But today, all I see on TV are big booties.  We pay homage to people like Kim Kardashian West, but we ridiculed the slave Sarah Bartman, who had the original “tray” backside.  Sarah was put in a FREAK show to be laughed at, but this lady (KKW) is celebrated and paid millions.  Once again, I SMH and ask myself, “Have we really gotten to this?”  And unfortunately, the answer is YES.

sarah or saartjie baartman

Gone are the days in the USA when having an education is lauded.  We are a society now that places looks over substance.  I am a sixties baby.  And I grew up in the South.  As a little black girl my parents told me that I could do either one of two things when I graduated high school.  (Go to school or go to work).  I chose to go to school.  I graduated from Howard University with a B.B.A. in Finance and I received a Masters in Creative Writing from City College in New York.  As I sit back and watch reality TV stars rise to fame with cameras constantly flashing in their eyes, many with no formal education, but cashing in big time.  In fact, many of them are making more cash than the President of the United States.  Once again, I sit back and SMH as I face this reality and truth.

Not only do I shake my head, but I also scratch my head and wonder – what does the future hold for my own two daughters?  Will they have to show their ass to live a good life?  Will they go through life not knowing about the Sarah Bartman’s of the world?  Will knowing about her life (Sarah Bartman) cause them to be more conscious and not subject themselves to things like this?  I don’t know.  But here is what I do know.  I’m not mad at Kim Kardashian West, she can do what the hell she wants.  But I am offended at people that would pay homage to her big ass and ridicule Sarah Bartman’s officially born Saartjie Baartman.  Just something to think about – That’s all!

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