Is Cynthia Bailey a Fickle People Pleaser? A Lesson on friendship…

Cynthia Bailey

During an interview that aired last night, NeNe Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta called Cynthia Bailey a fickle people pleaser.  I think NeNe was very wrong.  I don’t think Cynthia Bailey is a people pleaser at all.  I believe that she just has a desire to keep peace and minimize drama in her life and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is absolutely nothing cute about going around fighting with everyone.

I’ve been a fan of the Real Housewives of Atlanta for a very long time.  Probably since the beginning and I consider myself to be a very level-headed woman.  But the foolishness that I see on the show is downright ridiculous at times.  And it’s unfortunate that this is the level that we’ve succumbed to in today’s society. But for people like me, the show represents mindless entertainment and good hair salon banter.  And the dominating text lingo for me and most of my friends is (SMH)

NeNe has stated in previous interviews that she’s a boss and that she’s going to be one of the last one’s standing on this show, but at the rate she’s being upstaged by the likes of Kenya Moore, maybe she’s the one who will be leaving the show.  Looks like Bravo is banking on Kenya Moore who has boosted the shows ratings by leaps and bounds because of the drama that she brings to the dance.  And yes, I say “banking” because it seems as if she received a hefty increase after her first season on RHOA.  I personally believe that Kenya is probably one of the smartest chics on the show.  Each move she makes is very calculating and manipulative.  Every thing she does seems to be done with the end game in mind.  And regardless of how rude she appears, she knows how to side step so she doesn’t end up falling into a ditch. And Porsha should never go up against her because she doesn’t stand a chance.  Porsha is not dumb, but she does have dumb moments.  If she would just read a few books she will be alright.

But I digress, back to the Cynthia and NeNe issue.  Cynthia doesn’t like to ruffle feathers and just because she’s friendly with everyone on the show that doesn’t mean she’s not loyal to you NeNe.  There is a difference between being friendly and being friends with someone.  NeNe is just a bully and she’s not that smart as a matter of fact, she’s not that much different from Porsha.  She just masks it under this seemingly tough exterior, which is not really that tough after all.  Because anytime someone gets mad over someone being “friendly” with other people, that’s just stupid and it doesn’t mean that you two are no longer friends.  But I’m sure after the interview aired last night Cynthia for sure won’t want to have anything to do with her.  NeNe is going to find herself lonely and alone if she keeps alienating people.  She has to realize that people have the right to be friends with whomever they choose.  It doesn’t take away anything from you when someone is friends with someone else.

This brings me to the real reason why I wrote this piece.  I am getting very close to being 50 years old.  Yes, I said it.  And life has taught me a lot.  I have a lot of people that I associate with, but very few that I truly call my friends.  As people get older, I believe they begin to realize things about people, family and friends.  And that is that you can’t really depend on any of them for your own success.  Your wants, your needs and your desires can only be met by you and if you depend on other people you will be disappointed every time.  So, don’t be discouraged when people disappoint you, be encouraged and don’t disappoint yourself.  Because this is YOUR LIFE and you have to live it.  We come into the world alone and we will leave it alone.  We have to learn how to be our own best friend and how to make ourselves happy.  Because at the end of the day, Happiness is a choice – so make sure to choose it!


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