How to Increase Your Income and Make More Money

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Okay.  Forgive me, but today I am going to get on my soap box and have at it.  I am going to admit that I stole this blog topic from someone very well known in the industry of personal development.  I read their blog posts today and realized that it was a bunch of crap.  The blog post probably wasn’t even written by this person and it attempted to answer the question of “How to increase your income and make more money.”  The bull crap that they stated in their article made me want to slap somebody.  Yeah, it’s a good thing you’re not standing next to me right now.  But in my article today.  I am going to debunk the bullshit and get right to the truth.  Because there are folks out there getting rich pushing some bad ideas that really can’t and won’t get you anywhere. And if there is one thing that I can’t stand, that is people pushing bad information.  So here is my attempt to clear things up.  So here goes…

Myth #1 – To become a millionaire, you must first find out what the top people do and then do it yourself.

The truth is most millionaires stumble across there success and they don’t even know how they got to where they were themselves.  If there was some real step by step blueprint that everyone could follow to become rich, don’t you think we all would be rich by now?  There is no blueprint.  But there is one thing – One key ingredient that all of successful people have…it’s one basic skill set.  I’m not going to reveal it now, because I have a lot more to say, but hang in there with me and I’ll tell you shortly.

Myth #2 – Writing a check to payable to yourself can help you make more money.

How many times haven’t you heard this before.  Let me be the first to tell you that this does not work.  The only way that something like this will work and the only way to increase your income and make more money is if you’re into SALES! – PERIOD!!! 

The only way to become a millionaire is if you’re going to create something that people need (a product or a service) or you’re going to sell something that people need.  Now there are other talents that you may need to have but at the end of the day even singers need to SELL records and actors need to SELL movies.  And let me tell you that this is the reason why most people will never become rich…it’s because they HATE TO SELL.  And that’s there biggest downfall of most people and why we’re all aren’t rich.

The Most Successful People In the World Are SALES PEOPLE!

Don’t believe me?  Just look around.  You have to be able to sell in order to have success.  You must sell your ideas, products and concepts.  Even if you don’t have your own product to sell, you can sell somebody else’s products and become rich.  You can sell someone else’s cars and become rich, you can sell someone else’s homes and become rich, you can even sell someone else’s talents and skills and become rich.  Agents, Brokers, Top Selling Network Marketers – these people become rich.  They get passionate about a product or a service and they tell everyone that they know about it.  They become like beast in their industry.  And the funny thing about it this is you can do that too.  Yep.  Right now, you can find a product or a service that you’re just crazy about and go buck wild selling that product or service and become filthy rich.

So why don’t most people do it?  Well, that’s usually because of some jacked up internal issue that they have about themselves and they’re abilities.  And those jacket up beliefs keep them stuck and keep them trapped and until they deal with those things that keep them stuck, they’ll never get unstuck.

But if you really want to break lose and increase your income, then find something or create something that you can sell, then sell it. It could be anything…a book, a scarf, a dress, or even a frickin cake.  That’s how you increase your income or hell join a direct sales company – find one that you can join for $10 or less (like Youngevity) and then sell their product and earn commission.  These are the only ways to write your own check and if anyone tells you differently – Slap them in the face! – Just kidding.  But walk away because now you know the truth!



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