Don’t Major in Starting and Minor in Finishing

Have you have started a lot of projects, but finished none of them?  Or does your basement or office look like the beginnings of a lot of ideas, none of which ever came to fruition?  Well, like I heard the other day on a webinar, Carrie Degraw Wilson said, “Don’t major in starting and minor in finishing.”  It’s good advice.  You should learn the lesson.

Finish What You Start

Have you ever driven in a car where the person is constantly stepping on the accelerator then easing up?  Well, I could remember one time getting in a car with one of my aunts and that’s exactly how she used to drive.  She would put her foot on the gas and then ease up.  I can remember my head just going back and forth.  I vowed to myself that I would never get in the car with my aunt again.  I love her to life but I didn’t want that experience again.  And I didn’t.  But the funny thing about this situation is the fact that this is exactly what happens in our life journey when we start and stop projects.  We keep sending ourselves into a back and forth jolt and it’s time to stop.

I used to do this a lot.  I had scarfs that I started to knit, but never finished, scrapbooks that I started but never finished, all of these projects and ideas, were just sitting and waiting for me to show up.  Then one day I had a shift in my thinking and I started to take massive action.  I remembered some time ago this game called Mortal Kombat came out and everyone used to play it.  One of the things that this game did when the person was about to win was it would say, “Finish ‘Em!”  The game was so violent, this statement meant that you were supposed to kill your opponent.  One day I started looking at my projects that way and I decided that I would “Finish ‘Em!” and I would go into massive action to finish the things that I started.

It really doesn’t take much of a shift to go into massive action.  The funny thing is that once you do kick start a project something strange happens and you tend to pick up momentum.  I guess the endorphins kick in and causes you to step it up a notch.  Or it’s like the laws of physics which says a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  You know, sometimes we have to just do what NIKE says and JUST DO IT and stop procrastinating.

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