Cedrick Harris Resigns from Visalus

Yes. You Heard It Right…Cedrick Harris Resigns from Visalus

In another bold move, Cedrick Harris (Internet Marketer and Network Marketer Extraordinaire)  leaves Visalus.  I’m sure since today is April 1, 2013 many people may have thought this was a joke.  But if you check out the video, you can clearly see that Ced is not joking.  He is clearly leaving a company that he has earned 7 figures with.

Has he lost his mind?  Has another great leader imploded?  I say, No.

Cedrick has done what many network marketers do once they reach the top or they no longer feel that the company that they’re with meets or fits within their overall long-term goals and dreams.  And most times it doesn’t have anything to do with the company, but it has everything to do with SELF.

Cedrick’s move just proves that you can make all the money in the world, but if you’re not happy on the inside then it means nothing.

Sometimes people forget that when new reps (entrepreneurs) come to network marketing companies or even jobs, 9 times out of 10 they still have other dreams and aspirations.  They still may have things that they want to achieve or accomplish.  But (sometimes selfishly) network marketing companies and jobs want you to focus all your time and attention on them (the company).  And fail to realize that true entrepreneurs aren’t company men and women.  True entrepreneurs desire and NEED freedom.

As such, why would one expect an entrepreneur to be satisfied with just one thing?  Or for an entrepreneur to be devoted to just one company?  And why would companies expect reps to promote just one thing?  This is a big mistake that companies often make without realizing that true entrepreneurs cannot be boxed in, they must be free to come and go as they please and to try new things without feeling like they’re betraying the company.

Until network marketing companies and insiders move away from such stifling attitudes and they will never see the kind of real and unlimited success that’s possible within the industry.

So I applaud Cedrick Harris for being true to himself.  He always talks that big balls talk and he puts action behind it.  He will be successful no matter what and no doubt there will be some hurt feelings, but when it’s time to make that move and go to the next level.  You just have to do it.  I wonder what’s next for him.  Maybe he will join Zrii International.  Who knows…

But this is what I do know and that is that there is nothing like entrepreneurship that allows you to be your true and authentic self ALL THE TIME!  Now that’s what I call SUCCESS!


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