Network Marketing

A Positive Attitude Begins with Positive Self Talk and Thoughts

A positive attitude is an essential ingredient to success.  One way to achieve a positive attitude is by changing our self talk.  Successful people are positive thinkers and thought leaders.  They know that they can get it done and they know that they have what it takes to teach others to do the same. It […]

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[Network Marketers] Looking for That Safe Place to Call Home

Finding a Place to Call Home in Network Marketing I’ve been involved in the network marketing industry since the early 1990’s.  And boy since then, things have certainly changed.  There used to be a time when you could pick a company, build a successful downline that would last for years and years.  Of course, some […]

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Cedrick Harris Resigns from Visalus

Yes. You Heard It Right…Cedrick Harris Resigns from Visalus In another bold move, Cedrick Harris (Internet Marketer and Network Marketer Extraordinaire)  leaves Visalus.  I’m sure since today is April 1, 2013 many people may have thought this was a joke.  But if you check out the video, you can clearly see that Ced is not […]

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