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Jun 07

Don’t Expect Anyone to Catch You When You Fall

If there is one thing that I have learned about this life it is that you absolutely cannot depend upon anyone to catch you when you fall. To me it doesn’t matter if you’re married or in a relationship it is not often in life that anyone will be there when you hit rock bottom.  Marriage is supposed to be for better or worse and for those who believe that they have found someone in their spouse who would be there to catch them if they fall then kudos to you. For me, I have learned that the only person who is really here for me is me and God.

Beyonce Says Sometimes You Need to be Your Own Best Friend

I don’t know about anyone else reading this blog post, but I have found this statement to be true. I have had to be my own best friend. I have had to dust myself off after every fall since July 2010 when my mom died.  And while most people fear being in this place, I must admit that I don’t have a problem with it at all.  I am comfortable with me and with being in my own skin.  I can sit and eat at restaurants by myself and go to movies by myself.  I can even travel by myself.  I am comfortable with me.

Are You Comfortable In Your Skin?

Being comfortable in your own skin is a great milestone to reach.  Not everybody gets there.  Sometimes you have to go inside in order to get out.  These past six to nine months I have been going inside of myself to really try to understand myself and my life.  And the assessment is interesting. All I am willing to say at this point is that change is in the air.  And that’s not a bad thing.  Sometimes change is good.  Today I am embracing it.

I embrace the art of loving myself

I embrace the reality of being responsible for myself

I embrace the act of being myself,  which I believe is pretty damn cool (ha-ha)

Honestly, there isn’t much that any of us can control, but the one thing that we can control is ourselves.  I understand that today if I fall I really don’t expect anyone human being to catch me, but I do expect the mighty spirit of God to reach out his hands. How about that?!!!


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Jun 02

Having a clear vision is essential for success


One day I was speaking to a leader in the Network Marketing industry and I asked her what was her vision and goal for her team and she said that she didn’t have one.  I made a note to myself to walk away slowly and then sprint.  I truly believe that a good leader always knows the vision for his or her team.

Without a Vision the People Will Perish

The Bible says, “Without a Vision the People Will Perish.” Knowing where you and your team want to go gives your vision a foundation to stand on with targets and actions. One action at a time will get you closer to the vision. So having that picture of the end result will allow you to order your steps in that direction and win.

Your network marketing goals should always revolve around selling, recruiting, marketing promotions, recognition and training events. You should break down your sales goals into personal sales and team sales and for recruiting goals, do the same. You will want to track for promotions and track for everyday success. Tracking and accountability is key to ensuring that the goals you set are being reached. Personal goals are for you. It’s not always necessary to share your personal goals with everyone. Sometimes you may want to keep them to yourself. These goals represent your innermost feelings, and it is okay if you want to keep them private. Some people enjoy shouting their goals to the world, and that’s okay as well. You just have to figure out what type of person you are and how you want to handle your own personal goals.

Team goals are for everyone because everyone has an opportunity to participate in setting them. You now know that you cannot Quantum Leap by yourself, you must do it as a team. Therefore, you must set team goals based on where the team members have said that they want to go. Once you roll all the goals together, you have a clear vision for where you can go together. Team goals are about helping everyone go to the next level. It is okay to share the goals set by the team with everyone. It is also very interesting to watch what happens to a team when everyone is plugged into the team goals and everyone knows what role they’re to play in the team reaching its goals. When the team hits its target, everybody on that team wins. There is no better feeling than this. Nothing could be more exciting than everyone achieving more together.

One Team Vision is Essential

Have you ever seen a team win a championship game? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a little league game or a professional all-star team game. The tears of joy that are dropped for a team victory and those dropped in team defeat are always the same, meaning that no tear is more important than the other because everyone operated in unison and acted as team players.  That’s the magic of playing on a T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More!

The 20/20 Vision for our team is that by the year 2020 we will collectively have positively impacted the lives of 1,000,000 families.  Join our team and share in our mission.  It only takes $10 to get started.


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Jan 08

Don’t Major in Starting and Minor in Finishing

Have you have started a lot of projects, but finished none of them?  Or does your basement or office look like the beginnings of a lot of ideas, none of which ever came to fruition?  Well, like I heard the other day on a webinar, Carrie Degraw Wilson said, “Don’t major in starting and minor in finishing.”  It’s good advice.  You should learn the lesson.

Finish What You Start

Have you ever driven in a car where the person is constantly stepping on the accelerator then easing up?  Well, I could remember one time getting in a car with one of my aunts and that’s exactly how she used to drive.  She would put her foot on the gas and then ease up.  I can remember my head just going back and forth.  I vowed to myself that I would never get in the car with my aunt again.  I love her to life but I didn’t want that experience again.  And I didn’t.  But the funny thing about this situation is the fact that this is exactly what happens in our life journey when we start and stop projects.  We keep sending ourselves into a back and forth jolt and it’s time to stop.

I used to do this a lot.  I had scarfs that I started to knit, but never finished, scrapbooks that I started but never finished, all of these projects and ideas, were just sitting and waiting for me to show up.  Then one day I had a shift in my thinking and I started to take massive action.  I remembered some time ago this game called Mortal Kombat came out and everyone used to play it.  One of the things that this game did when the person was about to win was it would say, “Finish ‘Em!”  The game was so violent, this statement meant that you were supposed to kill your opponent.  One day I started looking at my projects that way and I decided that I would “Finish ‘Em!” and I would go into massive action to finish the things that I started.

It really doesn’t take much of a shift to go into massive action.  The funny thing is that once you do kick start a project something strange happens and you tend to pick up momentum.  I guess the endorphins kick in and causes you to step it up a notch.  Or it’s like the laws of physics which says a body in motion tends to stay in motion.  You know, sometimes we have to just do what NIKE says and JUST DO IT and stop procrastinating.

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Dec 12

I’ve been doing some soul searching…

soul searching

Lately I’ve been doing some soul searching.  I am currently working on a big project.  One that is turning out to be not only mind blowing, but also eye-opening because in putting together this project I’ve learned so much from the people that I’m working with.  I don’t want to reveal too much about it because when it launches I want it to be a surprising treat to the people that I serve and care so much about.  But have you ever worked on something that pulled you in so deep that it made you think and wonder about your own life and what you were doing and how you were going about doing it?  Well, that’s what has happened to me over the past 30 days and it has gotten me not only inspired, but it has also got me planning and creating.  I have found myself mapping out my plans for the entire year and even into 2015.

It is amazing what happens when you realize that your life is an empty page and you can design it however you want.  This realization makes you want to take charge and take control.

The end of the year is a good time for soul searching

I am closing out the year with a positive take on life and with the realization that nothing can stop a mind that is determined to succeed.  You see my friends with each passing year I’ve gotten more and more clear and focused.  I haven’t stopped learning and because of that it has made it easier for me to understand and get clarity of thought and purpose.  I meet so many people who are confused and lack focus. And sometimes when you point them in the right direction and get them on track they still want to steer the car for some reason in the wrong direction.  I’ve been that way before.  But no more.

Yeah, I’m a little bit older and a whole lot wiser.  I definitely have some personal wounds and injuries from past pain.  I’ve been broken down by love and lifted up by love, I’ve been betrayed by so-called friends and then lifted up by true friends.  Yes. I’ve been on the roller coaster of life and I’m still on the roller coaster of life, which never ceases to amaze me.  But I am overjoyed and in awe with excitement of the reality of being afforded the gift of a new day and the power of reinvention.  That is the gift that is given to us all on a daily basis.

So, if you’ve ever done any soul searching before, you know how it feels to be filled up with possibilities. To be thankful for the gifts to honor the heartbreaks and see them for what they are – lessons learned.  This is a short and powerful journey that we’re on and if there is one thing piece of advice that I would give anyone else who is like me, taking a look back and learning a lesson, it is to act on the knowledge that you’ve received over the years.  Don’t be afraid.  Have courage and faith to take action on those things that you believe.  Take action even if you don’t know what you’re doing.  You will find your way and that’s a promise.


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