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Mar 24

You Can NOW Send Money via Facebook Messenger – Paypal Watch Out!

fb message money

Yes my friends, this is a real game-changer!  On Tuesday, March 17th Facebook announced that you can now send money to friends in messenger.

This will be accomplished with a really simple process.  What Facebook has done is added a dollar sign ($) at the bottom of the messenger screen.  All you have to do is tap on it and enter the amount you want to send to your friend and add a debit card and hit send.  It will be just that simple once it’s rolled out to every account.   To accept the cash all your friends will have to do is open the conversation add their own debit card and the funds will be transferred “right away.”  Boom!  That’s a beast-mode world domination move.

So Why Did Facebook Add This Feature?

According to them, conversations were already being had about money on messenger (I told you they’re watching).  According to FB, people were talking about sharing bills, sharing rides on Uber, etc.  So this was a natural progression for them to add this feature.

Facebook does not want it’s users to have to leave their site for anything.  They built this P2P service from the ground up, using their Facebook Ads system as the platform.  All payments processed will be encrypted, safe and secure.  Facebook is planning to go toe-to-toe with services like Paypal and Google Wallet because their service will be FREE of FEES ( at least for now) and will undercut Paypal and their dreaded fee structure.

The only major problem that consumers will have with this service is the fact that Facebook is tracking your every move and if you’re cool with that, then you’ll be cool with this service. I believe that Facebook is watching you more closely than the government.  Dan Kennedy who wrote in his book about Facebook makreting that Facebook is the tie that binds us.  Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Google…they all want the same thing and that is to know and understand consumers, better than consumers even know or understand themselves and by providing a service like this one, Facebook is getting closer and closer to cloning your consumer behavior, which is the main reason why all small business owners should seek to harness the power of FB.   Now is the time.

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Mar 11

The Print Money Formula 2.0

Larry Beacham did a webinar a few weeks ago for the Network for Women in Business.  The webinar was regarding his Print Money Formula. Man! It was hands down one of (if not) the best training webinar’s that I’ve ever participated in. First, Mr. Beacham provided a tremendous amount of value. This ended up being the kind of webinar training where even if you DID view it, you will want to view it again because the information was so good. So in this article I’d like to give you the top 3 things I learned from Larry Beacham’s Print Money Formula webinar.

Take What You Know and Turn It Into Dough

Everybody’s knows something about something.  And even though where you are right now may not be at the “guru” or “expert” level, you probably know more about some things than some other folks. And how you can tell that you know some things is when other people start to ask you questions about what you know. If you find that you are spending a lot of your time answering questions about a particular subject then that is probably your (as Larry puts it) MONEY ZONE. On a scale of 1 to 10 you may be a 5, but couldn’t a level 5 teach a level 3, 2 or 1? Yes you can.

Put Your Intellectual Knowledge in Digital Format

Any information product that you have should be presented to your target audience in a digital format. Digital is the best way to deliver your intellectual property because it can be instantly downloaded. And by digital this means your product could be in the format of an audio program, like a cd or it can be a downloadable report or e-book. Digital products is the wave of the future and you should make sure that everything you own has some form of digital delivery method.

Take the arduous work out of the process by accessing Larry’s Print Money Formula 2.0 program

In Larry’s Print Money Formula program he shows you how to take your ordinary walk around knowledge and turn it into instant cash daily. He shows you how to craft and structure a simple process that will help you to recognize the money all around you and how you can start collecting it TODAY. In other words, he’s going to show you how to truly MAKE money – manufacture it literally on the spot. He is also going to meticulously show you every last detail of how to implement the methods so that you get RESULTS.

If you have a chance, take the time to watch the video, he will walk you through the Formula and will show you how to take the next steps to monetizing your message. Plus he will show you all the bonuses that are included inside of his program, which makes the entire package just that much more valuable. But don’t take my word for it. See it for yourself.

Watch the video and pick up your very own copy of the Print Money Formula 2.0.

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Mar 09

January 2015 Monthly Goals Report

Here is my feedback on my goals for the Month of January:

Overall I can say that writing these goals down have really helped me. I am off to a good start to this year as it relates to achieving these goals. Well, let me rephrase that…in some areas I am off to a good start and in other areas I am having a hard time getting the wheels turning. So with that being said there is proof in the pudding so I am now going to review my January of 2015. Here goes:


  • I will easily pay off $6,000 in credit card debt by 12/31/15.

I have consistently paid down on my credit cards. I paid X amount on my debt, but I slipped up by putting a random sporadic charge on one of my cards for almost $500 on something that I didn’t even really want. I promised myself that I would add that money back by the end of February. I will let you know how that goes.

  • I will easily save a minimum of $5,000 in liquid fun cash by 12/31/15.

I have not dipped into my Mutual Fund savings and have consistently added funds every month, but it’s not enough to have $5,000 in liquid fun cash by 12/31/15. I am going to have to get more serious about this. One of the ways that I am doing this is by canceling a lot of monthly fees that are coming out of my account for items and services that I don’t even use. I have added these monthly fees up and they total over $600.00. So if I just saved that amount of money I would be able to save the $5,000. I will do better.

  • I will consistently be making an extra $10,000 per monthly by 12/31/15.

I am wondering if this is a reach goal and not a realistic one. Hmmm…All together if I add the money that I made that was EXTRA,, meaning above and beyond what normally comes in (and that’s what this goal is about-Turning my extra income into serious income.), then I made a total of $942.00. (Right now you can’t see this, but I had to stop writing to run reports to verify how much I earned that was “Extra.”I will do a better job of tracking this.


  • I will easily publish a minimum of 300 videos/articles on my blogs by 12/31/15.

This goal may have been a little over zealous. I may just during one of my vacations knock out a large majority of these videos. But I have to come up with a strategy for this.

  • I will easily re-launch my Social Media Mastery course by May 1, 2015.

I have not started on this as of yet.

  • I will easily with grace and style sell out my Small Business Boot Camp for Women by 7/15/15.

I am almost done with the website. Promotion to come soon.

  • I will easily launch 2 live profitable webinars each month beginning January 2015.

I had one profitable webinar in January.

  • I will easily publish 25 books on Kindle by 12/31/15.

I did not upload any books in January.

  • I will easily grow my Network for Women in Business to 200 members by 12/31/15.

By hiring a coach I have received confirmation on my strategy I just must execute it now.

  • I will easily grow my network for women in business list to 10,000 by 12/31/15.

I do have a strategy for doing this. I will implement it.

  • I will easily host my wellness business retreat at Canyon Ranch by October 15, 2015.

This event is scheduled. I need to begin promoting it.

  • I will easily have 5 professional speaking engagements by 12/31/15.

I spoke at 72 hours of Power in February and will be speaking at the SASSY Conference on March 14th, I am speaker at the Moms 2.0 Summit on May 1st


  • I will easily lower my blood pressure by June 30, 2015.

I went to doctor and my blood pressure was only slightly elevated. The doctor was concerned with my bottom number being over 90 and near 100. So he prescribed some medication and told me that I only need to take half of a pill. And he said only for 6 months. But my sugar levels and cholesterol levels are amazingly fine.

  • I will easily attend all of my well care visits by February 2015 and again in the Fall of 2015.

I am a little behind but I had my physical last week and I had my mammogram on Sat. I am sure both are fine. I am scheduled visit my obgyn and I have to schedule a colonoscopy soon as well.

  • I will easily post all updates from my well care visits on my blog by March 1, 2015.

I am a little behind, but I above list my latest updates.

  • I will easily complete a 7-10 Green Juice Cleanse 3 x’s per year by 12/31/2015

I have not started this yet, but I need to do one this quarter, so maybe next week.

  • I will easily with grace and style and discipline run/walk 3 miles per day for 6 days per week by 12/31/15.

I have not started walking yet.

  • I will easily release 50lbs of extra weight by 12/31/15.

So far I have lost 7lbs. that have stayed off consistently. I lost 10 in January, but gained 3 in Feb.


  • I will easily complete Tony Robbins Personal Power 30 Day program at least once by 12/31/2015.

I am going to order this program and start it soon.

  • I will easily read 12 books by 12/31/15.

I am almost finished “What to Say When You Talk To Yourself.” I have completed, “Start With Why” and I am almost finished “the Alchemist.” People have said that they were able to read the Alchemist in one setting. I have found the book to be completely boring. I keep picking it up and putting it down. I am in no way intrigued or even have a burning desire to find out how it ends. I was sad when I finished “Start With Why,” because for some reason this book intrigued me.

  • I will easily develop a rock solid daily morning ritual by January 30, 2015.

I am still working on a morning ritual. I do have a ritual but it’s not filled by any means with motivation and meditation.

  • I will easily attend church at least 1 per month every month by 12/31/15.

I have only attended church once this year and that was in Jan. I did not attend in Feb., but will make it my business to attend in March.

  • I will easily perform one act of giving each month by 12/31/15.


  • I will easily find myself on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean at least once by 12/31/15.

I am going to work on this.

  • I will easily get regular spa treatments (massages and facials) on a monthly basis by 12/31/15.

I have not started this.

  • I will easily have a regular housekeeper by March 1, 2015.

I have not yet start this.

  • I will easily treat myself to a new outfit and pair of shoes once a month by 12/31/15.

I did buy myself some new shoes in January.

  • I will easily begin the process of acquiring an investment property by 12/31/15.

I am still working towards this goal.

Well, as you can see, some of these goals are aspirational. You may see some changes here, but for now I will keep reporting.

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Feb 05

Facebook Fan Page Call to Action Buttons

On December 11, 2014 Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Fan Page Call to Action Buttons.  This new feature will allow businesses to link these buttons to any destination outside of Facebook.  This is good news and is a major change that is highly favorable for small businesses.  As a coach, there is one thing that I’ve always advised small business owners about when it comes to social media.  And that is to find your idea clients on social media, but then to ultimately pull them out of social media and on to your list as soon as possible.  These new Call to Action (CTA) buttons will definitely help entrepreneurs to achieve this goal.

Facebook Call To Action Buttons Positioned In the Right Place

The new buttons are strategically placed in the within the time line just to the left of the “LIKE” button.  Now entrepreneurs can use their timeline cover images to assist in drawing attention to these buttons.  An example of making the maximum use of your timeline cover images to assist with ensuring that the appropriate action is taken is shown below:

FB Call to Action Button

What Can You Do With This New FB Call To Action Button?

The possibilities are endless for entrepreneurs when it comes to this Facebook Call To Action Button.  Some of the choices that you have to choose from as it relates to actions are:

  1. Shop Now – This is great for online stores and online sellers
  2. Contact Us – This is great for realtors, coaches and all other service providers
  3. Sign Up – For folks like me who have membership organizations and course offerings, this is perfect.
  4. Book Now – What if you’re a speaker, or personal trainer, comedian, photographer, etc?  This is great.
  5. Use App – If you have designed a custom app, this is perfect for you.
  6. Play Game – This is a perfect call to action for online gamers.

I am sure that based on the suggestions above that your creative juices have started to flow and you can see how this can be of benefit to you.

How to Maximize the New FB Call to Action Buttons?

The way you utilize these buttons will be different based on your business needs.  The beauty of these buttons is that they’re easy to to update.  You can actually update them everyday if you choose to.  But I would suggest a weekly or bi-weekly rotation.

I would also recommend that you change your timeline cover often.  Change to match whatever it is that you’re offering that week or month.  And make sure the timeline cover is relevant to your offer.  Can this get expensive?  No.  It doesn’t have to especially if you utilize the services of someone from FIVERR.  Here is the link to my favorite guy on FIVERR: This guy does amazing work and it’s a steal for only $5.00.

The next thing you will want to do is create a post that is related to your offer and promote that post to get new traffic to your website and to ensure that your Timeline Cover and Call to Action Button and Offer are being seen by new people in addition to the ones who have liked your page.  This is really important.

The next thing you will want to do is TEST, TEST, TEST.  Make sure to test your offers to find out which CTA buttons work best for your page and your audience.  You will want to figure out, which CTA buttons have the best click through rates (CTRs) and Conversion Rates.  You will want to test different Timeline Covers with the same CTA button to see which creatives perform better than others.  All of this type of testing is done to ensure that you get the best possible response and that you achieve all of your goals.

Drive Massive Traffic With FB Timeline Call to Action Buttons

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal with this new tool (FB Timeline Call to Action Buttons) is to drive massive traffic to your websites, blogs or landing pages and increase your bottom line.  You can achieve a tremendous amount of success doing this with FB, as the site has over 1 billion users and your ideal clients are definitely on the site.  So get started now using this tool because it’s one of the best yet for Facebook Fan Pages.


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Dec 29

Goal Getting vs Goal Setting

The New Year is coming fast and all that has flooded my inbox has been topics related to goal setting and how to make 2014 your best year ever.  In 2014, I’ve decided not to goal set but to goal get.  I believe that we spend way too much time getting ready to get ready and to me that’s what setting goals is about.  Getting ready to get ready.  Don’t get me wrong.  I believe in setting goals.  But this year I am going to focus on getting my goals or in other words, bringing my goals to life.

2014 is about getting into ACTION vs simple Goal Setting

So when I run into you this year, I am going to ask you what goal did you get versus what goal did you set?  2014 is going to be all about ACTION.  Making it happen.  I think it’s important to know what you want, once you know what it is you want, you should set the intention and put the work in to make it happen.

In business we set objectives for each quarter and we make plans.  We often set certain metrics to measure against those plans and all of that is great.  This is what businesses should do, but I believe that the thing that is most important in this process is when the business (or YOU if you’re a solopreneur) break down those objectives into actionable tasks.  This is often the missing link in the goal setting exercise – ACTION!

In order to manage a project you must break down the tasks into action steps.  This is where the journey begins.  Each action represents a brick on your road to achievement.  Sometimes a task may require 100 actions, but it doesn’t matter as long as it is moving you in the direction of getting your goal.

My Strategy for Getting a Goal

So here is my strategy for getting a goal:

  1. Take an excel spreadsheet and create 5 goals that you want get.  For each goal name the 5 worksheets inside of the one spreadsheet.
  2. Then once you have the worksheets named in each worksheet write down all the actions that it will take to achieve or get to that particular goal.
  3. Once you have all the actions written down, take each day and attempt to achieve at least 5 actions each day towards achieving that goal.  Or if you have 5 worksheets, then depending on how long it takes to achieve a particular action, pick one action from each worksheet.  Sometimes if it is a short action then you might want to take 2 or 3 actions from each worksheet.

Following these simple steps will help you GET your Goal.  So this year, don’t goal set, goal get.

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