Beyonce and Nicki Minaj FLAWLESS Remix: Another lesson on digital marketing.

flawlessCheck your feed today and I can guarantee that everything is trending Beyonce and Nicki.  This is another lesson on the power of digital marketing.  I personally don’t like the remix.  And of course coming off of the elevator incident and the myriad of rumors that they (Jay and B) will divorce soon, there couldn’t be a better time to drop a song addressing the incident.  Her response, Sometimes shit goes down when there is a billion dollars on the elevator.   And then Nicki comes on talking about “thirsty bitches” and “sweet pussy” and that’s when I sign off.  And the page is a composite of “selfies” and I say to myself – SMH – Is this it?  Really? Wow!  I don’t know.  I miss real music and feel good lyrics and I thank God for people like Musiq Soul Child and India Irie because these folks right here (Nicki and B), are not making me feel good at all. You can listen here. And you can be your own judge.

I am not opposed to cuss words, I deposit my share of F bombs on a regular basis and I am not mad about calling the V-Jay Jay sweet.  I just prefer hearing it from a man in the throws of passion. No one is not without flaws and anyone with the right glam-squad and personal team could upgrade their appearance.  So none of this stuff intrigues me.  But what does intrigue me is the digital media frenzy that tends to go along with these types of things.

Regardless of how silly the content or how outrageous the lyrics, when B talks people listen and that’s some kind of power.  Whether it’s doing something classy or trashy her brand is powerful.  I believe that everyone in business desires to have this type of branding.  You can learn how to build your brand at the 3rd Annual Small Biz Boot Camp for Women coming up on September 4, 2014.   Get your tickets today and learn how to slay the digital scene like Beyonce!

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