Author: Toni Coleman-Brown

10 Things I’ve Learned About Life Now That I’m in my 50’s

On most days I find it hard to believe that I am over 50 years old (except when I feel those little aches and pains).  It was on a cold day in January that this kid was born.  It was an awesome day. And if my mother was alive she would probably say the same thing.  But what mom wouldn’t say that? Now that I’m in the 50 and Fabulous Club, I am ready to share with you top 10 things that I’ve learned about life.  You can call these my Toni-ism’s and excuse me now if I curse.  So […]

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Why is CHANGE so hard?

The topic of my writings today is all about the question, Why is change so hard? I am writing this piece to pay homage to all the good people out there who may find themselves struggling to create real change in their lives.  If you’re one of those people then allow me to entertain you for a moment while I dictate some of my thoughts on change. First the question itself deserves a challenge.  And my challenge comes in the form of other questions, such as: Is change really hard? And could it be possible that change is actually easy? […]

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Top 10 Ways to Deal With Negative People

When you have to deal with negative people on a regular basis it can be challenging. The constant chatter from a Debbie Downer could easily take you to a dark place. Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter if you encounter them at home or at work negative people can be extremely draining. They can become the number one contributor to your daily stress. When you deal with negative people at home and then also at work it can be double trouble. I know because honestly, this is what I deal with on a regular basis. How Do You Deal With […]

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Why Continuous Learning is the Key to Success

Continous Learning Is The Key to Success

Continuous learning is the key to success because the only way to get what you want out of life is by stretching yourself with knowledge and experience. Like the cliche says, “The more you know, the more you grow.” In today’s ever changing economy one must stay relevant. Unfortunately, the average person stops learning by the time they’re 25 years old. They cite being too busy and caught up with life to attempt to learn something new. This eventually catches up quickly to those unwilling to learn and many of them find themselves in stalled or stagnate careers or jobs they […]

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