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Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, motivational speaker, social media strategist and professional networker. She is also the Founder of the popular, Network for Women in Business, which is an online community designed to train, connect and advance women in business.

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Jan 05

My 2015 Goals

20150105_001214This year I have decided to do something different and new.  I have decided to publicly state and document my goals for 2015 and my progress throughout the year.  I believe that in order to get something different out of life sometimes you have to do something different.  So this year I am stepping out on faith and believing in God’s promises and that he will deliver on all my expectations.  But I know the promises will not come without WORK. Therefore, I will dedicate myself to doing the work this year.  I am committed. So here goes:


  •  I will easily pay off $6,000 in credit card debt by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily save a minimum of $5,000 in liquid fun cash by 12/31/15.
  • I will consistently be making an extra $10,000 per monthly by 12/31/15.


  • I will easily publish a minimum of 300 videos/articles on my blogs by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily re-launch my Social Media Mastery course by May 1, 2015.
  • I will easily with grace and style sell out my Small Business Boot Camp for Women by 7/15/15.
  • I will easily launch 2 live profitable webinars each month beginning January 2015.
  • I will easily publish 25 books on Kindle by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily grow my Network for Women in Business to 200 members by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily grow my network for women in business list to 10,000 by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily host my wellness business retreat at Canyon Ranch by October 15, 2015.
  • I will easily have 5 professional speaking engagements by 12/31/15.


  • I will easily lower my blood pressure by June 30, 2015.
  • I will easily attend all of my well care visits by February 2015 and again in the Fall of 2015.
  • I will easily post all updates from my well care visits on my blog by March 1, 2015.
  • I will easily complete a 7-10 Green Juice Cleanse 3 x’s per year by 12/31/2015
  • I will easily with grace and style and discipline run/walk 3 miles per day for 6 days per week by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily release 50lbs of extra weight by 12/31/15.


  • I will easily complete Tony Robbins Personal Power 30 Day program at least once by 12/31/2015.
  • I will easily read 12 books by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily develop a rock solid daily morning ritual by January 30, 2015.
  • I will easily attend church at least 1 per month every month by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily perform one act of giving each month by 12/31/15.


  • I will easily find myself on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean at least once by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily get regular spa treatments (massages and facials) on a monthly basis by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily have a regular housekeeper by March 1, 2015.
  • I will easily treat myself to a new outfit and pair of shoes once a month by 12/31/15.
  • I will easily begin the process of acquiring an investment property by 12/31/15.



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Nov 12

Kim Kardashian Showing Her Ass Again!

Kim Kardashian West ChampagneKim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West is at it again.  I guess people just can’t get enough of seeing her big butt.  I guess she can’t get enough of it either because she is constantly putting it on display for all to see.  Amazing.  I’m not mad at this chick either because she seems to be capitalizing on her assets.  She is the buzz of pop culture.  People seem to either love her or hate her.  Me personally, I am fascinated by this new SELFIE and REALITY culture.  The internet has certainly changed things.  I’m over here doing what they call in texting land…SMH.   I can remember when people used to say things like “Her butt is so big you could put a tray on it.”  And this was something negative.  But today, all I see on TV are big booties.  We pay homage to people like Kim Kardashian West, but we ridiculed the slave Sarah Bartman, who had the original “tray” backside.  Sarah was put in a FREAK show to be laughed at, but this lady (KKW) is celebrated and paid millions.  Once again, I SMH and ask myself, “Have we really gotten to this?”  And unfortunately, the answer is YES.

sarah or saartjie baartman

Gone are the days in the USA when having an education is lauded.  We are a society now that places looks over substance.  I am a sixties baby.  And I grew up in the South.  As a little black girl my parents told me that I could do either one of two things when I graduated high school.  (Go to school or go to work).  I chose to go to school.  I graduated from Howard University with a B.B.A. in Finance and I received a Masters in Creative Writing from City College in New York.  As I sit back and watch reality TV stars rise to fame with cameras constantly flashing in their eyes, many with no formal education, but cashing in big time.  In fact, many of them are making more cash than the President of the United States.  Once again, I sit back and SMH as I face this reality and truth.

Not only do I shake my head, but I also scratch my head and wonder – what does the future hold for my own two daughters?  Will they have to show their ass to live a good life?  Will they go through life not knowing about the Sarah Bartman’s of the world?  Will knowing about her life (Sarah Bartman) cause them to be more conscious and not subject themselves to things like this?  I don’t know.  But here is what I do know.  I’m not mad at Kim Kardashian West, she can do what the hell she wants.  But I am offended at people that would pay homage to her big ass and ridicule Sarah Bartman’s officially born Saartjie Baartman.  Just something to think about – That’s all!

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts below.




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Aug 03

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj FLAWLESS Remix: Another lesson on digital marketing.

flawlessCheck your feed today and I can guarantee that everything is trending Beyonce and Nicki.  This is another lesson on the power of digital marketing.  I personally don’t like the remix.  And of course coming off of the elevator incident and the myriad of rumors that they (Jay and B) will divorce soon, there couldn’t be a better time to drop a song addressing the incident.  Her response, Sometimes shit goes down when there is a billion dollars on the elevator.   And then Nicki comes on talking about “thirsty bitches” and “sweet pussy” and that’s when I sign off.  And the page is a composite of “selfies” and I say to myself – SMH – Is this it?  Really? Wow!  I don’t know.  I miss real music and feel good lyrics and I thank God for people like Musiq Soul Child and India Irie because these folks right here (Nicki and B), are not making me feel good at all. You can listen here. And you can be your own judge.

I am not opposed to cuss words, I deposit my share of F bombs on a regular basis and I am not mad about calling the V-Jay Jay sweet.  I just prefer hearing it from a man in the throws of passion. No one is not without flaws and anyone with the right glam-squad and personal team could upgrade their appearance.  So none of this stuff intrigues me.  But what does intrigue me is the digital media frenzy that tends to go along with these types of things.

Regardless of how silly the content or how outrageous the lyrics, when B talks people listen and that’s some kind of power.  Whether it’s doing something classy or trashy her brand is powerful.  I believe that everyone in business desires to have this type of branding.  You can learn how to build your brand at the 3rd Annual Small Biz Boot Camp for Women coming up on September 4, 2014.   Get your tickets today and learn how to slay the digital scene like Beyonce!

See you there and register today!


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Jun 04

Success Tip| Read Books by Those Who Have Been Successful

success-1Reading books authored by others who have had success in your industry and taking action on the acquired knowledge is one sure fire way to become successful.  Knowledge is something that can be transferred from one person to another, but an experience cannot.  It doesn’t matter how much you tell a person about an experience, the individual will only be able to imagine what that experience was like.  There are certain things that you should experience for yourself and SUCCESS is one of them.

You Can Live Vicariously Off the Success of Others

You can live vicariously off of the success of other people.  When I read about what other people are doing successfully, YES, it makes me feel good, but there is nothing like experiencing that success for yourself and the only way you can do that it is through consistent and persistent action.

I love reading good books on success.  I love it when other people are kind enough to show you the way.  It’s unfortunate that more people don’t read these types of books, but hooray for those that do.

Back in 2006, I wrote a book to help network marketers achieve success.  That book is called “Quantum Leap: How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Marketing Business.”  I am so happy to see that the book has resurfaced (thanks to Holton Buggs of Organo Gold).  I have been receiving comments like, “Many people tell us to work your business like a business, but you show us how.”  I am happy to see that my words still have an impact on the network marketing industry.  Many of my readers are telling me things like, “See you at the top,” and they’re asking for individual printed pages from the workbook so they can complete the exercises.  I love this kind of engagement.  It is quite impressive.  This proves to me that when people read and take action, they get what they want and these readers are clearly taking action because they’re requesting pages from the workbook.

Success Happens When You Look For It

Now about success…I believe that success happens when you go looking for it and when you actively work towards it.  Success doesn’t just land on your lap (although this sometimes happen, but it’s usually short lived).  If there is one that that I know for sure about success it is that most successful people are also avid readers.  They read everything that they can get there hands on.  This habit of reading is one that should definitely be adopted by anyone seeking to be successful.

Reading is magical.  You may not be able to experience what the reader is depicting, but the process of reading in itself is an experience and it’s one that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So…if you want success in weight loss, read a weight loss book, if you want success in business, read a business book and if you want success in network marketing, read my book, “Quantum Leap: How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business.”  But at the end of the day; please – just read!


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Jun 03

[Nurture your skin] Your guide to Healthy Skin

Great skin begins with an awesome cleansing regime.  Most people don’t realize that the skin is the largest organ of the body.  It is a living organ and regenerates itself on a regular basis.  However, the skin needs to be stimulated on a regular basis in order to remain healthy.

Just like when you work out your body, your muscles get stronger and better, the same thing happens with your skin.  When you stimulate your skin by washing it with a great cleansing product the results are always phenomenal.  The Nurture Skin Care Line by Soul Purpose offers the perfect skin care solution for women of all skin types.

nuture skin care

The skin is a digestive like system as well.  It absorbs what you put on it.  That’s why you must be careful with what you apply to your skin topically.  A good natural skin care solution is always better than one that is loaded with chemicals.

You can nurture your skin in 3 easy steps with the Nurture Skin Care Line.

Step 1 – Cleanse

Step 2 – Tone

Step 3- Moisturize

Additionally, if you have a special need like acne, you can also use a special serum designed to solve your skin problems like acne.

When the skin becomes dull it is because of a build up of dead skin.  Dead skin must be removed.  The only way to remove it is by sloughing it off with a good cleansing.

The skin also requires Internal Nourishment as well.  Therefore, taking a good multivitamin and drinking lots of water also helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.  What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your face.  Proper nutrition is key.  A well balanced diet that is not filled with processed foods helps to keep your skin glowing.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to keeping your skin looking nice and young.

If you eat a varied and nutritious diet, and it’s amazing what can happen to your skin. In one study, researchers from Monash University in Australia found people who ate the most fruits, vegetables and fish had the least amount of wrinkles.

Vitamin C is a great nutrient that is known for holding the skin together and is included in the Nurture Skin Care Line.  The skin also needs EFAs and Green Tea.  All of these supplements can be purchased at wholesale prices through Youngevity Life Sciences when you become a distributor for only $10.00.

Everyone wants beautiful skin and to stay forever young, but like everything else in life it requires work and due diligence.  Make sure that you do yours. Here’s to healthy and glowing skin!


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Jun 02

Having a clear vision is essential for success


One day I was speaking to a leader in the Network Marketing industry and I asked her what was her vision and goal for her team and she said that she didn’t have one.  I made a note to myself to walk away slowly and then sprint.  I truly believe that a good leader always knows the vision for his or her team.

Without a Vision the People Will Perish

The Bible says, “Without a Vision the People Will Perish.” Knowing where you and your team want to go gives your vision a foundation to stand on with targets and actions. One action at a time will get you closer to the vision. So having that picture of the end result will allow you to order your steps in that direction and win.

Your network marketing goals should always revolve around selling, recruiting, marketing promotions, recognition and training events. You should break down your sales goals into personal sales and team sales and for recruiting goals, do the same. You will want to track for promotions and track for everyday success. Tracking and accountability is key to ensuring that the goals you set are being reached. Personal goals are for you. It’s not always necessary to share your personal goals with everyone. Sometimes you may want to keep them to yourself. These goals represent your innermost feelings, and it is okay if you want to keep them private. Some people enjoy shouting their goals to the world, and that’s okay as well. You just have to figure out what type of person you are and how you want to handle your own personal goals.

Team goals are for everyone because everyone has an opportunity to participate in setting them. You now know that you cannot Quantum Leap by yourself, you must do it as a team. Therefore, you must set team goals based on where the team members have said that they want to go. Once you roll all the goals together, you have a clear vision for where you can go together. Team goals are about helping everyone go to the next level. It is okay to share the goals set by the team with everyone. It is also very interesting to watch what happens to a team when everyone is plugged into the team goals and everyone knows what role they’re to play in the team reaching its goals. When the team hits its target, everybody on that team wins. There is no better feeling than this. Nothing could be more exciting than everyone achieving more together.

One Team Vision is Essential

Have you ever seen a team win a championship game? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a little league game or a professional all-star team game. The tears of joy that are dropped for a team victory and those dropped in team defeat are always the same, meaning that no tear is more important than the other because everyone operated in unison and acted as team players.  That’s the magic of playing on a T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More!

The 20/20 Vision for our team is that by the year 2020 we will collectively have positively impacted the lives of 1,000,000 families.  Join our team and share in our mission.  It only takes $10 to get started.


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Jun 01

The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Today begins our 30 Day Blog Challenge.  Our Total Lifestyle Team is excited and ready to light up blogosphere with amazing content and information regarding health, wellness, and wealth.  Blogging is a fun way to get great information and content out about your business or personal views.  it is also a great way to attract potential clients and customers.

Have you ever tried blogging for 30 days straight?

Well, if you have then you should know that the benefits of blogging are tremendous. There are a myriad of great things that you can accomplish as a result of blogging and right now I will list my top five reasons why you too should write a blog and take the 30 day challenge with us:

  1. Sell a product.  Blogging is a great way to get the word out about a great product or service.  When you write about or promote a product you can really dig deep into the benefits of that product or service and give lots of detail regarding the product use or you can even demonstrate how to use a particular product or service.
  2. Build trust online.  When you blog, you naturally become a trusted online resource and you can even build a following of readers who love to read your posts.  People buy things from people that they know like and trust and blogging is a sure fire platform to build that trust.
  3. Establish yourself as an expert.  Writing a blog is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your chosen field.  The more you speak about a specific topic and the more you write about it.  You become a trusted source for that particular field and being know as an expert is not a bad thing.  As a matter of fact that’s a pretty big deal.
  4. Become a better writer.  The more you write the better you get at it and the more you write on your blog, the better writer you will become.
  5. Drive traffic to your main site.  Your blog can be a part of your main site and you can best guarantee that every time you write a blog post the more traffic you will get from your website.  Therefore you should write frequently on your blog.  And target specific key words with every post to ensure that you get maximum exposure.

Focused Blogging

My team members and I are focused on getting positive results as an outcome of participating in this 30 Day Blogging Challenge.  I know that writing a blog post every day can be a challenge, but it is a challenge that is worth with it, especially when we know that about 50 blog posts increases web traffic by 30% and with stats like this who wouldn’t want to blog.

So join our team and blog with us.  Check us out on Facebook. The Total Lifestyle Team.  Join Us!

30day blog challenge


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May 09

Our Bodies Are Nutrient Deficient…What Can We Do?

healthyAccording to Dr. Wallach there is one sentence that has killed more people than all the wars in the last 200 years and that sentence is “You can get all the nutrition that you need from the 4 basic food groups.”  There are 90 essential nutrients that every human being needs every day to stay healthy. For every nutrient that is missing, there are up to 10 deficiency diseases, up to 900 in total.  Of these 90 essential nutrients, 60 are minerals. Therefore, two thirds of what we need are minerals.  Without minerals, vitamins have no function in the human body.  They are essentially useless.  There is not a single plant or animal or human that can produce even one of the 60 essential minerals therefore they must be consumed!  If the minerals are not in the soil, they’re not in our food.  So no matter what you think you’re eating.  It’s impossible to get the 90 essential nutrients from our foods.  According to the US Senate Document 264 (written in 1936),the minerals we need are not in the soil.

Many of the cereals we consume claimed to be fortified with vitamins and minerals but none of that is the true.  Our bodies are so nutrient deficient until diseases are running rampant.  So what is one to do?

How to Get the Essential Vitamins and Nutrients Your Body Needs?

The ONLY way you can get the essential nutrients that your body needs is by SUPPLEMENTING.  Dr. Wallach and Youngevity have the exclusive rights to the only known source of all 60 plant derived minerals in the world!  So Youngevity is the ONLY COMPANY/PRODUCT in the world that can offer all 90 essential nutrients.

This list of more than 90 essential nutrients includes at least 60 key minerals, 13 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids, making it the perfect foundation for a balanced and healthy diet.

60 Essential Minerals
Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Sulfur, Cobalt, Copper, Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Boron, Bromine,  Carbon, Iodine, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Cerium, Cesium, Chromium, Dysprosium, Erbium, Europium, Gadolinium, Gallium, Germanium, Gold, Hafnium, Holmium, Hydrogen, Lanthanum, Lithium, Lutetium, Molybdenum, Neodymium, Nickel, Niobium, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Praseodymium, Rhenium, Rubidium, Samarium, Scandium, Silica, Silver, Strontium, Tantalum, Terbium, Thulium, Tin, Titanium, Vanadium, Ytterbium, Yttrium, Zirconium

16 Essential Vitamins
Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Biotin, Choline, Flavonoids and bioflavonoids, Folic Acid, Inositol

12 Essential Amino Acids
Valine, Lysine, Threonine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Histidine, Arginine, Taurine, Tyrosine

3 Essential Fatty Acids
Omega 3 (EPA, DHA, ALA), Omega 6, Omega 9

All of the essential nutrients can be found in the Essential 90 Starter Pack offered by Dr. Wallach.  Take it from me, when you’re vitamin deficient you end up in the hospital. A severe iron deficiency can give you a heart attack and send your blood pressure racing.  I know because I ended up in the hospital from it.  A biotin deficiency can cause hair loss.  Subsequently adding biotin can cause hair growth.

Supplementing is our only chance for survival.  Start supplementing today. The Essential 90 Starter Pack is a must for every home.

Join Youngevity today for only $10 and get your Essential 90 Starter Pack at a discount.


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Apr 14

Is Cynthia Bailey a Fickle People Pleaser? A Lesson on friendship…

Cynthia Bailey

During an interview that aired last night, NeNe Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta called Cynthia Bailey a fickle people pleaser.  I think NeNe was very wrong.  I don’t think Cynthia Bailey is a people pleaser at all.  I believe that she just has a desire to keep peace and minimize drama in her life and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is absolutely nothing cute about going around fighting with everyone.

I’ve been a fan of the Real Housewives of Atlanta for a very long time.  Probably since the beginning and I consider myself to be a very level-headed woman.  But the foolishness that I see on the show is downright ridiculous at times.  And it’s unfortunate that this is the level that we’ve succumbed to in today’s society. But for people like me, the show represents mindless entertainment and good hair salon banter.  And the dominating text lingo for me and most of my friends is (SMH)

NeNe has stated in previous interviews that she’s a boss and that she’s going to be one of the last one’s standing on this show, but at the rate she’s being upstaged by the likes of Kenya Moore, maybe she’s the one who will be leaving the show.  Looks like Bravo is banking on Kenya Moore who has boosted the shows ratings by leaps and bounds because of the drama that she brings to the dance.  And yes, I say “banking” because it seems as if she received a hefty increase after her first season on RHOA.  I personally believe that Kenya is probably one of the smartest chics on the show.  Each move she makes is very calculating and manipulative.  Every thing she does seems to be done with the end game in mind.  And regardless of how rude she appears, she knows how to side step so she doesn’t end up falling into a ditch. And Porsha should never go up against her because she doesn’t stand a chance.  Porsha is not dumb, but she does have dumb moments.  If she would just read a few books she will be alright.

But I digress, back to the Cynthia and NeNe issue.  Cynthia doesn’t like to ruffle feathers and just because she’s friendly with everyone on the show that doesn’t mean she’s not loyal to you NeNe.  There is a difference between being friendly and being friends with someone.  NeNe is just a bully and she’s not that smart as a matter of fact, she’s not that much different from Porsha.  She just masks it under this seemingly tough exterior, which is not really that tough after all.  Because anytime someone gets mad over someone being “friendly” with other people, that’s just stupid and it doesn’t mean that you two are no longer friends.  But I’m sure after the interview aired last night Cynthia for sure won’t want to have anything to do with her.  NeNe is going to find herself lonely and alone if she keeps alienating people.  She has to realize that people have the right to be friends with whomever they choose.  It doesn’t take away anything from you when someone is friends with someone else.

This brings me to the real reason why I wrote this piece.  I am getting very close to being 50 years old.  Yes, I said it.  And life has taught me a lot.  I have a lot of people that I associate with, but very few that I truly call my friends.  As people get older, I believe they begin to realize things about people, family and friends.  And that is that you can’t really depend on any of them for your own success.  Your wants, your needs and your desires can only be met by you and if you depend on other people you will be disappointed every time.  So, don’t be discouraged when people disappoint you, be encouraged and don’t disappoint yourself.  Because this is YOUR LIFE and you have to live it.  We come into the world alone and we will leave it alone.  We have to learn how to be our own best friend and how to make ourselves happy.  Because at the end of the day, Happiness is a choice – so make sure to choose it!


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Feb 19

52 Week Money Challenge in Reverse

52-Week Money Challenge

It was the beginning of the New Year and I happened to be fumbling around Facebook and I ran across something called the 52 Week Money Challenge.  The 52 Week Money Challenge is a simple savings plan that allows you to save $1,378 by the end of the year.  You will do this by saving $1 dollar each week and adding $1 to that amount each week.  By the end of the year the maximum amount that you will have to save in a week is $52.  This is a really cool challenge for those who feel strapped for cash at the end of the year and find themselves struggling to buy Christmas gifts for their families.  This could be a great way to get into the habit of savings in general.

But Wait! Why not do the 52 Week Money Challenge in Reverse

How do you do that?  I’m glad you asked.  Instead of waiting until the end of the year to save the higher amounts start off the year saving the higher amounts.  For example, start off the New Year at Week 1 saving $52 and Week 2 you can save $51, this way at the end of the year, you do not have to burden yourself with the higher amount of savings, you can bear the brunt  of this higher amount of savings at the beginning of the year.

The challenge also calls for you to take the money and stash it away in a jar where you can see it.  Well, this would not work for me for a couple of reasons.  First, I would probably be like most people tempted to take the money out of the jar and if I wasn’t tempted I know my teenage daughter would be tempted to take it.  (And yes. My daughter would find some reason why she needed the money and would definitely take it.  She seems to think that what’s mine is also hers.)  So…what do you do in cases like this?

Well, you open up an account with Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct).  This is an online savings account that pays you interest.  Some of the features of this type of account are:

  • No fees, no minimums, earn interest: Max out your savings with a variable 0.75% Annual Percentage Yield (effective 2/19/2014). Plus, 360 Savings is linked to your current checking.
  • You’ll be stashing it away: Open multiple accounts (and nickname them), track great saves with My Savings Goals Opens a new window and put your savings on auto-pilot with an Automatic Savings Plan Opens a new window.
  • We have your back: Your deposits are FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation–insured up to $250,000 per depositor.
  • You’ll be part of Savers’ Nation: Join millions of Savers already living the money-in-the-bank life.

These are some really cool features that will make savings fun and to top it off, now instead of  your money being in a jar it will be in an account that earns interest.  And you know what is the best part about that?  Now you will have saved far more than $1,378, because of the interest you will have earned, especially by saving the largest amount first.  So why not do it and Pay Yourself First.  If you do the 52 Week Money Challenge this way by the end of the first month you will have saved over $200.00

So if you’re game and want to get started, let’s do it.  Leave a comment below or hit me up on Facebook letting me know that you got started.

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Also, remember, if you find that life is getting a little too overwhelming then pick up my new CD “Get Focused.”  It will help you to get focused on what it is that you want to do and it will allow you to generate more clients, leads and sales for your business.  In addition to this, it will also bring more balance in your life.  So, pick up your FREE audio today at


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