5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Goal-Setting

goal setting mistakes

Goal-Setting is not a short process.  It takes time.  You have to sit down and dedicate a day or two to it and then dedicate more time to breaking down the tasks of each goal to ensure that you hit the mark.  You can do this successfully if you avoid these 5 common mistakes:

  1. Don’t set too many goals.  Each goal you set will represent a deliverable and what I mean by this is that each goal will have a specific beginning and end.  At the end of each goal accomplished there will be something tangible that you will have delivered.  Each goal will require you to perform various activities.  These activities should be compiled into your Massive Action Plan.  In order to overcome this common mistake of setting too many goals, you should set 3-5 goals every 90 days and then create a breakdown of all the activities that will be required to achieve these goals.  These activities will go on your M.A.P., which will allow you to track them and see if you’re on schedule or if you’ve ventured off course.
  1. Failure to Delegate.  Don’t try to do it all.  Superman and Superwoman are both myths.  So be realistic as there will be certain tasks that will be outside of your skill set.  For example, developing a website might be one of them.  For tasks like these, don’t be afraid to hire someone.  Resources can be found cheaply at websites like guru.com, odesk.com and elance.com.
  1. Procrastination. Too many times people look at the process of setting goals as to tedious and time consuming.  They don’t see the value in the process, so they put it off.  To be quite honest with you, this is the worst thing you can do.  If you don’t set goals, you’ll end up like a car with no wheels, not going anywhere anytime soon.
  2.  Failure to Create a M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan). To deliver on a goal takes a lot of work.  Each goal should have a start and end date and also each goal should have a Massive Action Plan which consists of work that needs to be done, but broken down into small, manageable tasks.  Each task should have a due date for completion and should play an integral role in delivering the goal.
  3.  Failure to Manage Time and Tasks.  If you don’t manage your time and tasks wisely, then time will manage you.  Or it at the very least, you will look up and due dates will be missed and your goals will get all off track.  Pushing everything all off in your life.

If you avoid these common mistakes and get on the path to living the life you’ve always imagined on your terms, your way.  And remember to make sure that everything that you do is in alignment with your mission.


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