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Dear Friends and Family,

I have to tell you that I am feeling so good right now. I’ve been Vegan for over a month and I am totally psyched about how great I am beginning to feel. And today was the first really warm day in New York. The temperature was 79 degrees! I was out and about and you know it felt good. Last night the book that I co-authored, (Success in High Heels) made it to #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases List. The ladies and I celebrated and actually we’re still celebrating.

All of this got me to thinking about how this has been such a wonderfully blessed time in my life.  So why not be a blessing in someone else’s life. I’ve been blessed with life-changing opportunities and I wish nothing but the same for ALL that I come in contact with.

So here’s my version of Paying It Forward…I have decided to give you EVERYTHING that I have to offer for one low price. And when I say everything…I mean EVERYTHING! It is my hopes that in my sharing with you that one of these products unlock the doors of tremendous wealth and opportunity for you.

I am convinced that there is something contained in one of these products that will change the course of your life if you just open yourself up to the unlimited possibilities. So what exactly does this mean…well here goes. I am offering ALL of the following for one low price. Check it out!

The 24 Hour Sale Includes…

Item Description Price Sale
The Ultimate Social Media Mastery Course This is an awesome course that includes over 40 videos with training that covers six social media sites (Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube). This evergreen course includes lifetime membership which includes all updates. Learn More About this Course Here. $197.00 Sale!
The Ultimate Facebook Mastery Course Facebook is the no. 1 social media site and there is a formula for driving traffic from FB onto your list and into your pocketbook. This evergreen course explains it all! It includes lifetime membership and all updates. Learn More About This Course Here. $97.00 Sale!
Platinum Membership to the Network for Women in Business 1-year You will get one full year of Platinum access to the Network for Women in Business. This will entitle you to all of the benefits of Platinum Membership $99.95 Sale!
Business Listing in the Network Directory 1 – year Get yourself and business listed in the Network’s directory. $49.95 Sale!
Membership in the Diva Millionaire’s Club Get access to the Diva Millionaire’s Club and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs. $99.95 Sale!
The Debt Smash System E-Book and Audio Do you have debt? I mean really who doesn’t, but with the Debt Smash System, you will have the opportunity to follow a step by step system that shows you how to get out of debt for good. $19.95 Sale!
Our Facebook Strategy E-book Our story of growth has been amazing and the majority of our growth has come from Facebook. This book shows you our (the Network for Women in Business) Facebook strategy and how we used this powerful social media site to grow substantially. $17.00 Sale!
1-year Access to All Trainings in the Training Vault Okay. This is huge. You can gain access to ALL of the trainings that we’ve had since inception. This include approximate 40 classes and courses offered by some phenomenal women and men. Our experts have been people like: Amy Porterfield, Vicki Irvin, Amy Applebaum, Judy Hoberman, Lethia Owens, Christine Marmoy and Rhonda Moore Also you will learn a host of new concepts like How to Create Your Own Blog, How to Successfully Outsource your Business, How to Brand Yourself, How Journaling Can Help Your Business, Marketing Your Business and so much more! (Click Here to Learn More About All the Courses You will Get Access to) $99.95 Sale!



Get ALL of THE above for ONLY $59.95!
This offer ends on Wednesday, April 10th at 12 midnight PST
Offer extended to Friday, April 12th at 12 midnight PST
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The value and the savings of this offer is incredible.

The value of the trainings in the training vault is priceless.


The first 5 buyers will get a FREE copy of my new bestseller

Success in High Heels

It has been an honor to sit on every training call with every expert at the Network for Women in Business.  It has been a pleasure to offer these affordable courses and trainings.  I’ve met some wonderful people and the one thing that I know for sure is the best is yet to come.  So, prepare yourself for success and take advantage of this special offer.  You won’t regret that you did.

With your success in mind, Toni

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